Artificial Intelligence

This robot could be your waiter the next time you go out to dinner
Jan 16, 2017

Ever since Marty McFly strolled into the '80s Cafe in Back to the Future Part II, we've been waiting for our very own robo-waiter. Well, this might be about as close as you can get for now.

Watch Tesla's Autopilot AI stop this car before a crash even happens
Dec 28, 2016

Driverless cars are the future, though we still have some work to do on the technology and infrastructure before we get there. But, if you want some proof for how robots can save lives, this should do it.

An artificial intelligence wrote a Christmas song. It did not go well.
Dec 9, 2016

The holiday season is here, and most folks are catching up on Christmas movie favorites and jamming classic tunes about Santa Claus and holy nights. Well, what if a robot wants to get in on the Christmas spirit?

Fox, Jessica Alba developing Westworld meets Ex Machina sci-fi series Girl 10
Sep 30, 2016

With HBO’s Westworld riding a wave of buzz, the artificial intelligence angle is about to become a much more popular one in the sci-fi genre — and Fox is looking to get ahead of the curve.

This weird song composed by a computer could be the start of an AI uprising
Sep 26, 2016

Have a listen to Daddy's Car, a creepy song created entirely by an artificial intelligence software.

Iconic Star Trek computer voice could be coming back for AI projects, new TV series
Sep 7, 2016

Decades later, and Star Trek’s computer voice system is still the one we point to as a reference point for ideal AI communication. Now we might finally get it in real life — right down to the voice.

IBM used advanced AI computer to create first-ever cognitive trailer for Morgan
Sep 1, 2016

Since Morgan is a horror thriller movie about an A.I., 20th Century Fox had the awesome idea to turn to the good folks at IBM Research to create the first-ever cognitive trailer for the movie.

Watch the trailer for Impossible Things, the first feature film co-written by an AI
Jul 27, 2016

We’ve already seen what happens when a script-writing artificial intelligence Is tasked with writing a short film script solo (it’s pretty hilarious, but not exactly watchable). But what about if human writers work together with an AI to make a horror film? 

Scientists developing new AI to let robots 'hunt' their prey like a predator
Jul 6, 2016

Nature has figured out how to do a lot of things right over the millennia, so scientists are turning to the animal kingdom for inspiration while putting together some new AI tools.

The U.S. military has developed an AI pilot that can beat humans in combat
Jul 4, 2016

Well, if Skynet is looking for a fighter pilot, the U.S. Air Force seems happy to oblige.

An A.I. wrote a movie and here's how it turned out
Jun 10, 2016

What would happen if a highly advanced artificial intelligence wrote a screenplay and it was made into a film?

Google is building a fail safe into AI to shut it down in case it turns evil
Jun 6, 2016

There’s no denying artificial intelligence will play a role in the future of humanity, but just in case it decides to try and kill us all, Google is building in a kill switch. Literally. [Insert Skynet joke here]

Microsoft created an AI to learn from how we tweet, it immediately became racist
Mar 25, 2016

Some techs at Microsoft decided to build an AI that would learn how to speak by studying how we communicate on Twitter. It took 24 hours for it to become a racist nut job. If anything, it’s surprising it took that long.

Telling robots stories could be the best way to teach them human morality
Feb 18, 2016

Artificial intelligence still has a way to go, but once it does catch up with the human mind, we do want to avoid a Skynet-level situation. Turns out telling our future robot overlords a story could be the best way to teach them about morality.

The most advanced AI in the world still can't pass an 8th grade science test
Feb 16, 2016

There’s no denying artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent years, and movies like Ex Machina hint at where it could be just a few years down the line. But we’re not there yet.