Image of the day: Ralph McQuarrie's long-lost cover art for The Empire Strikes Back novel

Dearly departed artist Ralph McQuarrie is a legend, and even though much of his work has obviously been chronicled, he’s still capable of pulling off a few surprises.

Original Star Wars storyboards show a much creepier Emperor

Thanks to an interview with Star Wars: Return of the Jedi storyboard artist David Russell, some old school design art from the film has been released in the wild. What stands out the most? The Emperor was, apparently, even creepier during the design phase.

Century-old art explores the early 1900s' fear of alien invasions

An alien invasion evokes visions of blockbuster films like Independence Day and Edge of Tomorrow for most of us, but more than 100 years ago, things looked a bit different.

These 1940s car advertisements show off the retro-future we always wanted

If you’re looking for a quick distraction, or to take a jaunt to the gorgeous retro future we never got, this should do the trick.

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of David Lynch's Dune with a galaxy of poster art

Navigate this spicy collection of advertising art and salute the dawn of Dune.

Image of the Day: See the enormity of the Solar System in this amazing rendering made to scale

Planet Earth obviously seems like a pretty big place to us, but how does it shape up when placed side by side with the rest of our Solar System, size-wise?

The Da Vinci drawing hidden from Hitler because of its magic powers

With Leonardo da Vinci’s famed self-portrait gearing up for a rare public exhibit in Italy, it’s a good time to look back at the in-freaking-sane history of said sketch.

Image of the Day: Incredibly detailed scrap-metal Hulk is the definition of art

What do you get when you combine weeks of painstaking work, scrap metal and an affinity for Marvel heroes? The Incredible (Recyclable) Hulk.

The Milano, Dark Aster + 19 more rare and regal Guardians of the Galaxy starship concept pics

Here's a gleaming armada of awesome spaceship designs to salivate over from Guardians of the Galaxy.

11 alluring & alarming concept images from deluxe new Alien: Isolation art book

Here's a preview of epic imagery created for SEGA'S latest Alien adventure.

Image of the day: If Da Vinci designed Iron Man's armor

Throughout the decades, Tony Stark’s iconic Iron Man armor has been through more than its fair share of designs. But what if it’d been built during the Renaissance?

Artist H.R. Giger's freaky, sexy (and Alien-y) 1979 Polariod art

Alien auteur H.R. Giger was an extremely accomplished artist in his own right — though that doesn’t mean his other works aren't oozing with the freakiness we’ve come to expect.

Watch Ghost in the Shell's iconic opening recreated in haunting still life

Some artists have decided to use still-life photography to re-create anime classic Ghost in the Shell's opening title sequence — and the results are stunning.