Batman v Superman's Zack Snyder on the advantages of having a TV/movie DC multiverse
Trent Moore

Instead of creating a massive, connected world a la the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Warner Bros. and DC have opted for a multiverse approach to its big- and small-screen projects.

Roy Harper reunites with Oliver in new Arrow clip
Krystal Clark

After a brief hiatus, Roy Harper returns to Arrow under questionable circumstances. The former hero will suit up one more time to bring down a dangerous villain.

Roy finally returns (and suits up!) in new pics, footage from this week's Arrow
Trent Moore

After giving us a few of its best episodes of the year the past couple weeks, Arrow is digging back into its deep bench to bring a fan favorite back into the fold.

The team faces off with Vandal Savage in new footage from Legends of Tomorrow
Trent Moore

The premiere of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow set ratings records for the network, and now we have our first peek at what comes next.

The CW unleashes our first official look at Vixen on Arrow
Nathalie Caron

Here's our first official look at the live-action Vixen in all her costumed glory.

All hell breaks loose on Arrow in new trailer for back half of Season 4
Trent Moore

The midseason finale of The CW’s Arrow ended on one of the biggest cliffhangers in series history (which is saying a lot, since one literally featured a cliff), and now we have a look at where it’s going next.

Arrow, Flash producer promises 'game-changer' for Dhark, focus on the multiverse
Trent Moore

With almost a half-dozen TV shows on the air, it goes without saying — producer Marc Guggenheim a busy guy these days.

John Barrowman is writing his own Arrow spin-off comic based on The Dark Archer
Trent Moore

Most actors would kill for just one iconic role, but John Barrowman has followed up his tenure as Captain Jack on Torchwood and Doctor Who as one of the greatest frenemies in TV history as Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow. Now we’re going to get the backstory we never knew we wanted.

Oliver is out for revenge in new footage from Arrow's 2016 return
Trent Moore

The midseason finale of Arrow ended with one heck of a cliffhanger, and now the network has revealed a new peek at what comes next.