We cover the latest talks about the DC comic and CW's original series Arrow. Get a sneak peek of the new season and inside look of the characters!

First Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 intel reveals Time Bureau, Rip's return

The CW has dropped revealing synopses for the upcoming seasons of Arrow, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, with the one for Legends being the most revealing of them all!

Black Lightning not part of the Arrow-verse, midseason premiere confirmed

The CW is preparing its fifth superhero series, but Black Lightning will apparently not be crossing over with Flash and Arrow. Oh, and it won’t arrive until midseason, either. 

Details for Flash, Arrow and Supergirl season finales reveal face-offs, surprise returns

The CW’s remaining superhero shows all wrap up their current seasons the week of May 22, and now we know what to expect from all those season finales.

Deathstroke is back and an al Ghul showdown in new trailer for Arrow's return
Apr 21, 2017

After a brief hiatus, Arrow returns with five new episodes to take us through the rest of Season 5. Expect al Ghuls, twists, and … Deathstroke’s return?

Manu Bennett's Deathstroke is coming back to The CW's Arrow
Apr 11, 2017

While Warner Bros. tries to figure out whether or not the studio will even use Deathstroke in its big-screen Batman, the definitive live-action version of Slade Wilson is making a comeback. That’s right, Manu Bennett is heading back to The CW’s Arrow.

Marc Guggeheim reveals the Arrowverse character he will never kill off
Mar 30, 2017

Across the entire Arrowverse, Marc Guggenheim & Co. have killed off a whole lot of characters the past few years. But, there’s one you definitely don’t have to worry about.