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Arrow's Marc Guggenheim admits they’ve 'struggled with' flashbacks this year

Dating all the way back to the first season, flashbacks have been a major component of The CW’s Arrow. But even the producers admit things got a bit off the rails this season.

Arrow's Marc Guggenheim on the mystery death, paparazzi shots spoiling the big reveal

A flash forward from a funeral scene has hovered over the entire fourth season of Arrow, and the mystery death will finally be revealed in tonight’s episode. But some intrepid fans might already know who’s in that grave.

Arrow's Katie Cassidy heading to The Flash to play surprise Earth-2 doppelgänger

We’ve already gotten a peek at a few Earth-2 doppelgängers during Barry’s last trip through dimensions on The Flash, and now an Arrow alum is heading over to join in the fun. But she may not be playing who you’d expect.

Echo Kellum's Curtis Holt is now a series regular on The CW's Arrow

It seems the creative team behind Arrow agrees with the fans — Curtis Holt is an awesome addition to Team Arrow. We’re happy to report he’ll be sticking around.

The CW renews 11 shows including The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Supernatural and The 100

The CW has more than a few hits on the schedule, and it looks like pretty much all of them will be sticking around into next season.

Vixen comes to town, and the battle with Darhk comes to a head (literally) in latest Arrow

For an episode seemingly built around the live-action introduction of Vixen (which rocked, by the way), “Taken” pulled no punches in regard to the major story arcs of the season.