Arrow’s Diggle gives his best guesses about who might be in that mystery grave
Trent Moore

The current season of The CW’s Arrow threw fans for a major curveball in the final moments of the season premiere, jumping forward in time and showing Oliver standing at the grave of … someone. So who is the dearly departed?

Arrow just added a veteran TV actor to play DC Comics villain The Calculator
Trent Moore

The CW plans to leave no stone unturned in its quest to build its own little DC universe, and Arrow just added another baddie to the mix — and the man bringing him to life should certainly be familiar.

Prepare for the Arrow and The Flash crossover event with nearly 50 pics
Nathalie Caron

Team Flash and Team Arrow are set to unite against an immortal foe in The CW's upcoming two-part event.

Hawkgirl and Vandal Savage arrive in first trailer for new Arrow, Flash crossover
Trent Moore

New baddie Vandal Savage is coming to the DC universe, and now we finally have some footage from this year’s epic Flash and Arrow crossover.

Stephen Amell on why latest crossover is 'pinnacle achievement' for Arrow and Flash
Trent Moore

The CW’s little corner of the DC universe is getting a whole lot bigger in a few weeks, and now we have some fresh intel on the latest crossover between Arrow and The Flash.

Vandal Savage arrives in first intel from The Flash and Arrow crossover
Trent Moore

We’ve known the upcoming crossover between Arrow and The Flash would certainly set some pieces in place for the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow spinoff series — but now we finally have a full synopsis for the “Legends” event.

First look at The Flash, Arrow and Legends crossover looks like a mini-Justice League
Trent Moore

Bad guys better beware, because The CW has assembled its own version of the Justice League. Who needs Batman and Superman?

After Arrow crossover, 'Save Constantine' movement ramps up again
Trent Moore

You can’t keep a good petty dabbler down, and in the wake of Constantine’s posthumous crossover with Arrow, fans are ramping up the fight to bring the series back to life.

Team Arrow on shaping that Constantine crossover, odds for more Hellblazer
Trent Moore

John Constantine finally brought his show on the road to Arrow this week, and though the episode felt a bit rushed, the producers behind the crossover are here to break down all the big reveals.

Constantine is out to save Sara’s soul in extended look at new Arrow
Trent Moore

Fans have been jonesing for more of Matt Ryan’s spin on John Constantine ever since NBC pulled the plug on his solo series last season, and now he’s finally coming to Star City to help out Oliver Queen and the gang.

John Constantine finally hits Star City in new pics, promo footage from Arrow
Trent Moore

The moment Constantine fans have been waiting for is almost here, and now we have a ton of nifty pics and footage from Matt Ryan’s cameo in the Arrow-verse.