Army of Darkness

Image(s) of the Day: Rare Bruce Campbell FX test pics from Army of Darkness
Jan 30, 2017

Here are some hilarious makeup test shots for Sam Raimi's Army of Darkness.

Groovy! There's an epic Army of Darkness and Xena crossover event comic series coming
Jul 20, 2016

The groovy worlds of Ash Williams and Xena, Warrior Princess, are about to collide (yay, us!!) when Dynamite Entertainment debuts a new comic book miniseries bringing the two iconic, fan-fave characters together for the first time in Army of Darkness / Xena, Warrior Princess: Forever … and a Day.

Here's Sam Raimi's time-warping script idea for his Evil Dead 4
Oct 13, 2015

Here's Raimi's kooky take for a fourth entry in the Evil Dead franchise.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert on giving sugar to fans
Apr 23, 2015

In a rare conversation, the creators of the Evil Dead franchise and upcoming Starz series reveal much about the new project now filming in New Zealand -- and share a first-look photo of them on set.

It's Ash vs Deadites in 18 collected, groovy Army of Darkness comic book covers
Feb 10, 2015

Ash's battle against those terrifying deadites goes on in these pretty groovy Army of Darkness comic book covers, assembled in one stunning art book.

Theirs is an evil laugh in supercut of characters maniacally laughing in movies
Jan 7, 2014

We're not saying the best raucous guffawing comes out of genre films...but that's exactly what we're saying, and this video is the proof.

Bruce Campbell shoots down an Army of Darkness 2 rumor (that he started)
Nov 7, 2013

Sorry, Evil Dead fans. I guess we can go ahead and put our boomsticks and chainsaws back into storage.

What if our greatest horror icons were Disney Princesses?
Nov 4, 2013

In which an artist attempts to answer that age old question: If a Disney Princess kills you, is that better...or worse?

Grab your boomsticks! Sam Raimi may direct Army of Darkness 2 after all
Oct 28, 2013

Deadite lovers rejoice! Looks like Sam Raimi will be the man behind the camera for that Army of Darkness sequel after all.

Bruce Campbell says Army of Darkness 2 really IS going to happen!
Oct 21, 2013

Fans have been clamoring for a sequel to Army of Darkness ever since the first one blew our minds more than 20 years ago — and now Bruce Campbell says we should finally get those boomsticks ready.

How 13 awesome horror movies could be turned into equally awesome TV series
Oct 1, 2013

Horror seems to be having a renaissance on the small screen these days, so we’ve cherry picked some horror classics we’d love to see show up on TV at some point.

Here's what Bruce Campbell wants to see in the next Evil Dead sequel
Mar 28, 2013

Talks for an Evil Dead4/Army of Darkness 2 have begun, but what does the once and future Ash want from a new movie?

Nevermind the remake: Sam Raimi is about to write Evil Dead 4!
Mar 4, 2013

The question Bruce Campbell has been mocking for most of his career is finally getting an answer.