The Doomsday Clock is as close as it's been to Armageddon since the Cold War
Jan 27, 2017

You might know it best from Watchmen, but the Doomsday Clock is a real thing — and we just ticked a little bit closer to all-out Armageddon.

NASA's new asteroid early warning system just took a major step forward
Apr 8, 2015

Despite the fact that we’ve mined a few blockbusters from the idea (and the fact that it certainly contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs), Earth’s early asteroid detection system is still woefully inadequate.

11 space disaster movies that made us dizzy long before Gravity
Oct 4, 2013

Itching to see anxious astronauts in full survival mode? Check out these nightmare missions from the past.

That was fast! Bay claims misquote, still 'proud' of Armageddon
Apr 24, 2013

After making headlines with an apparent apology for the crap-fest that was the hit 1998 movie Armageddon, director Michael Bay has fired back saying he was misquoted.

NASA updates prediction about that huge asteroid aimed at Earth
Jan 22, 2013

With a huge asteroid heading toward Earth, for a while there it looked like April 13, 2036 might have been the date of the apocalypse. But scientists now say they got it wrong the first time—and the world should keep spinning a while longer.

Scientists say the nuke plan from Armageddon could actually work
Dec 17, 2012

When Bruce Willis led a group of blue-collar heroes into space to nuke an asteroid in the 1998 film Armageddon, the idea seemed like something destined to stay, well, in the movies. But, a group of U.S. scientists now say that hitting an asteroid with a nuclear bomb could actually work out pretty well to avert a potential strike on Earth.

Russians to go all Michael Bay on approaching asteroid
Dec 14, 2012

Not content with sending robot-assisted monkeys to Mars, the Russians are looking into yet another mission that will bring sci-fi into outer space.