Riverdale races toward tragedy in upcoming Archie Comics story
Mar 21, 2017

A drag race leads to a death in Mark Waid's reinvented Archie series!

The CW's Riverdale started out as a time-traveling Archie story starring Louis C.K.
Jan 10, 2017

We're enjoying an Archie renaissance these days, with the age-old high school tale getting everything from a modern-day comic reboot to a zombie-centric horror offshoot. There's also a TV series, though it could've turned out very different. 

The CW's Archie-based Riverdale TV series is getting its own Archie comic
Oct 6, 2016

The new television series Riverdale, which is based on Archie Comics, is getting its own comic book adaptation. The new comic is not to be confused with Mark Waid’s modern-day reboot comic, simply titled Archie

Watch: Meet the cast bringing Archie to life in The CW’s Riverdale
Jul 24, 2016

One of the most interesting new shows making its debut at San Diego Comic-Con was The CW’s live action spin on Archie, so we chatted up the cast of Riverdale about bringing the classic comic to life.

First details, character descriptions revealed for The CW’s Archie series, Riverdale
Nov 6, 2015

As if Afterlife With Archie and the successful new comic relaunch of the flagship series weren’t enough, The CW is also putting together a live-action spin on the classic Archie comic, dubbed Riverdale. Now we finally have some juicy details.

That Archie movie you thought would have zombies in it? Here's the truth
Jun 12, 2013

You may have heard that the live-action Archie movie will play host to a horde of the undead. Well...