Apple's new campus looks like a giant spaceship, set to be 'greenest building ever’

Along with cranking out new iPhones, Apple is also planning a cutting-edge new campus that looks very much like a giant spaceship. Oh, and it's also aiming to be the greenest building on Earth.

1980s Apple prototypes reveal a sci-fi future we never got to see

Apple has always pushed the envelope when it comes to modern technology, and some aborted 1980s prototype designs reveal some sci-fi styled tech that could've been.

Turns out Apple's not the villain in gay sex comic book ban after all

Remember the uproar yesterday over Apple's "ban" of issue #12 of the Saga comic book? Turns out that Apple was not the bad guy in this story arc after all.

Apple bans popular sci-fi comic Saga because of gay sex scene

Looks like if you were hoping to read this week's Saga through Apple, you'll have to find another way.

This is what happens if you ask Siri's opinion about robot movies

Apple just keeps innovating. Last fall they released the personal assistant application known as Siri, and everyone's iPhones started answering questions and reading text messages out loud and giving directions. Now Siri's taken another step forward into the realm of film criticism.

What did a psychic just discover while reaching out to Steve Jobs?

October 16th is Steve Jobs Day and it's been one year since the man who played father to more technological achievements than possibly anyone in history passed away. Is there a way to know how he's doing in the here after? Maybe ...

1st Apple computer (handmade by Steve Wozniak) sells for $374,500

Most of the time we spend tons of money on new technology, but it turns out that someone was willing to pay nearly $400,000 for a motherboard built way back in 1976. But it's not just any motherboard. It's one of only a handful of the very first Apple computers left, handmade by the Great and Powerful Woz.

Steve Jobs, visionary head of Apple, has died

Steve Jobs, who revolutionized communications, music, movies and computers, has died at the age of 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

21 awesome sci-fi themed Super Bowl commercials

This year's Super Bowl commercials will take on a distinctly sci-fi theme. We feel that this is a pleasant departure from the usual theme (animals selling beverages.) Transformers 3 and Cowboys and Aliens both plan to debut high-budget spots. Volkswagen and Kia will unveil sci-fi throwback ads involving Darth Vader and a DeLorean. Maybe Vader will travel back in time. (Hint: Seal that vent in the Death Star.)