apollo 13

Here's how NASA made the epic 1970 space hack that saved Apollo 13
Jul 2, 2014

It’s one of the greatest stories of ingenuity in history, and it saved the lives of the Apollo 13 crew. So, how did NASA engineers put together that epic, oxygen-saving hack?

Terrifying hour of vintage audio + video recounts Apollo 13 disaster in real time
Jan 6, 2014

We all know the story — but there’s something uniquely terrifying about the real-time audio and video between NASA officials and the stranded Apollo 13 crew stuck in space.

NASA veteran reveals the guy who REALLY saved crippled Apollo 13
Dec 17, 2012

When an oxygen tank explosion crippled Apollo 13 two days after it lifted off from Earth in April of 1970, NASA engineers began working frantically to come up with a solution to save the three astronauts on board. But a retired NASA spokesman has just revealed that the crew of America's third moonshot wasn't saved by someone at the space agency.

11 outrageous examples of recycling from sci-fi movies and TV
Dec 15, 2012

You don't need to own a recycling plant to change the world. Heck, you don't even have to be from this world! To celebrate NBC's Green Week, we're recycling 11 classic sci-fi examples of recycling (and reusing), and who knows? Some of them (but not all) could help save planet Earth!