Anthony Head

How James Marsters, Anthony Head and Kelly Hu will rock Warehouse 13's S4.5

Syfy's Warehouse 13 season 4.5 delves into the consequences of the deeds of evil Artie and offers up some notable sci-fi guest stars in recurring roles.

Buffy star calls Joss Whedon-less reboot 'a hideous idea'
Dec 15, 2012

You've got to sort of feel for the supposed Buffy reboot movie. Every time it gets up to dust itself off, another Buffy TV alum steps in to kick it back down again. This time, it's Tony "Rupert Giles" Head taking the opportunity to lay into the would-be remake.

Review: Seeing an old wizard as a young man is just one of Merlin's many charms
Dec 14, 2012

Magic is banned is Camelot, but the young Merlin and Arthur don't intend to take no for an answer.