Anne Hathaway

Find out more about the Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway and her movie projects in the science fiction and comic genre. Stay tuned!

Anne Hathaway controls a Korean kaiju in weird new trailer for Colossal
Feb 19, 2017

Here's the latest trailer for Nacho Vigalondo's screwball sci-fi fantasy.

Toho Studios goes after 'unauthorized' Godzilla movie
May 20, 2015

The studio that created the giant, Japan-leveling monster is mad as hell over another film about ... a giant, Japan-leveling monster.

Christopher Nolan on Interstellar: 'We're going to leave this planet at some point'
Nov 4, 2014

Christopher Nolan and members of his cast and filmmaking team gathered in Los Angeles recently to discuss Interstellar.

New Interstellar app lets you roam the universe of the film
Sep 18, 2014

There are still many things we don't know about Interstellar, but a new app hints at some of the film's science and scope.

Here's your first photo of the watery alien world of Interstellar
Aug 15, 2014

We got a glimpse of it in the most recent (and awesome) trailer, but now a photo has surfaced of Interstellar's alien world.

See Anne Hathaway's Catwoman audition plus Cillian Murphy as Batman
Sep 25, 2013

We already got a peek at Christian Bale’s Batman audition, and new we have our first look at Anne Hathaway’s tryout for Catwoman, as well as another actor who almost donned the cowl.

Raimi reveals his plans for Anne Hathaway in aborted Spidey 4
Mar 6, 2013

Christopher Nolan might have been the first to introduce Anne Hathaway to the world of comic book movies, but apparently Sam Raimi had plans to use the actress as a different “cat” character in his aborted Spidey sequel.

Uh-oh! Spielberg puts Robopocalypse movie on hold ... indefinitely!
Jan 22, 2013

Even Steven Spielberg, it seems, can have a tough time getting a movie made in Hollywood these days.

Unused Catwoman concept art shows the TDKR that could've been
Jan 14, 2013

We've all heard that Christopher Nolan was never too keen to include the character of Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, in his Dark Knight trilogy. So it's pretty interesting to see how the character evolved during the development phase. Want to see the Catwoman that could have been?

Anne Hathaway says that Catwoman suit's a 'psychological terrorist'
Dec 17, 2012

When she decided to take on the iconic role of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway knew the pressure would be on to match Michelle Pfeiffer's classic performance in 1992's Batman Returns.

Did David Letterman blow the ending of TDKR? Or was he joking?
Dec 17, 2012

There are a lot of places you might expect to find spoilers to big summer movies, but late night talk shows usually aren't among them. Christopher Nolan and company have kept a tight lid on how The Dark Knight Rises wraps up, but all that secrecy may have just been thwarted by The Late Show's David Letterman. Or not.

Anne Hathaway says there's only one way she'd return as Catwoman
Dec 17, 2012

Coming into this weekend, we knew we were looking at the final Dark Knight film for Christopher Nolan—but what about a potential spin-off in his Bat-universe? According to Anne Hathaway (Catwoman) it could happen, but there's only one thing that would bring her back. Dark Knight Rises spoilers ahead!

Looks like Catwoman could join Thor in Spielberg's Robopocalypse
Dec 17, 2012

Earlier this year we heard that Steven Spielberg was after the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, to save the Earth from a Robopocalypse. Now it seems he's after more comic book talent, this time of a feline persuasion.

1st official Dark Knight Rises pic of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman
Dec 15, 2012

We've been wondering what Anne Hathaway's Catwoman costume in The Dark Knight Rises would look like for awhile now. Luckily, we don't have to wonder any more!