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Awesome new movie-style Fringe trailer sets up epic Olivia battle

Fringe has teased us for weeks now that Olivia (Anna Torv) will be headed home after being trapped all season in an alternate universe referred to as "over there." In Thursday night's new episode, "Entrada," which promises to be pivotal, it looks like things are finally going to come to a head.

Fringe's Anna Torv and other genre stars team up for new horror flick
Jan 29, 2015

Two years after Fringe ended, Anna Torv's heading back to genre stories for her next project.

New Heavenly Sword: The movie trailer shows a badass, sword-wielding Nariko
Feb 10, 2014

There’s a brand-new trailer for that Heavenly Sword flick featuring a badass, sword-wielding Nariko, played by Fringe’s Anna Torv.

Fringe’s Anna Torv slices and dices in sweeping Heavenly Sword trailer
Oct 31, 2013

The first official trailer for that upcoming CGI flick Heavenly Sword, starring Fringe’s Anna Torv, is finally here! Is it any kind of heavenly?

Watch Fringe cast share which episodes freaked them out most
Jan 14, 2013

Though it's evolved into everything from a battle against an alternate dimension to a full-on war for the future of humanity, Fox's Fringe is likely most beloved for it's truly freaky freaks of the week. With the final season winding down, the cast has opened up about which baddie-of-the-week actually made them a little sick.

Fringe's Anna Torv reveals what really happened to Olivia's baby
Dec 15, 2012

Fringe is finally back and it's got a lot of explaining to do! The series cast recently answered some burning questions regarding Peter Bishop's return and the insanity that follows.

Here's why you don't want Anna Torv to pull you over for speeding
Dec 15, 2012

As Fringe's emotionally wrought, buttoned-down Agent Olivia Dunham, Anna Torv has gotten to show off a wide range of her talents: playing alternate-universe versions of herself, an ability to carry a tune, and do a pretty decent Leonard Nimoy impersonation. But she's never been out-and-out sexy or funny. Until now.

Why we love Fringe—and why this could be its last season
Dec 14, 2012

You've got to love a television show that throws caution to the wind and takes an enormous risk. Fox's Fringe did just that this season when it split apart its storytelling by stranding its main character in an alternate universe and didn't look back.

Why Fringe's Walternate isn't such a bad guy after all
Dec 14, 2012

It's easy to slap the term evil on someone who wants to destroy your universe. However, the question on Fox's Fringe of whether or not Walternate and the people from his universe are evil seems to pop up a lot these days.

Anna Torv spills 8 secrets about Fringe (and playing TWO Olivias)
Dec 14, 2012

Call her Bolivia, Fauxlivia or Altivia ... but whatever you call that alternate Olivia on Fringe, Australian actress Anna Torv is thrilled with the developments on the sci-fi series that have allowed her to play TWO Olivia Dunhams in TWO universes.

Major spoilers for the rest of Fringe's second season!
Dec 14, 2012

We spoke with the cast on the show's Vancouver set last week, and they gave us some juicy spoilers.

Fringe is back with frozen heads, shapeshifters, Nimoy
Dec 14, 2012

Executive producer Jeff Pinkner gives us a preview of the Fox sci-fi series, which gets back to business this month.

Fringe's Anna Torv as you've never seen her: Topless (NSFW)
Dec 14, 2012

Get an eyefull of the blond bombshell from Fox's sci-fi Fringe.

We've seen Fringe's Anna Torv naked; now see her sing!
Dec 14, 2012

Fox has released details about its upcoming musical episode of Fringe.