Anna Silk

Lost Girl's Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo talk Bo's absence, George Takei and S4
Jan 14, 2014

There's some big changes afoot in the new season of Syfy's Lost Girl, and stars Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo have the scoop for you right here.

Lost Girl cast talks this year's dark season and their S4 renewal
Mar 11, 2013

Things have gotten dark this season for the cast of Syfy's Lost Girl, but the scary and evil of it all is just getting started as the series heads into the second half of its third season.

Syfy renews its sexy succubus series Lost Girl for a 3rd season
Dec 17, 2012

Enjoyed the first two seasons of Lost Girl, Syfy's hit series about a sexy succubus who can drain a human's life energy with a kiss? Then you're in luck—because she'll be back. Syfy has just announced a 13-episode 3rd season for the show.

Meet Anna Silk, sexy succubus of Lost Girl, Syfy's newest series
Dec 16, 2012

When actress Anna Silk first heard about a new Canadian series called Lost Girl, there was only one thing she could think. Her initial reaction was, "This is totally written by a guy. Bisexual succubus who has to have sex to heal? Oh, my God. I just thought, 'What is this?'"

Lost Girl's cast on the 'wild, crazy' ride of sex, Fae and succubi
Dec 16, 2012

The temperature's about to rise on Syfy. Take a succubus, a bi-sexual love triangle, and a complex mythology involving creatures called the Fae that feed off the human race, and you end up the Syfy Channel's new sexy Canadian import, Lost Girl, which premieres tonight.