Andrew Stanton

Check out exclusive video chats with the creators of John Carter
Dec 17, 2012

What does director Andrew Stanton mean when he says about John Carter that, "I didn't want to make a xerox of a xerox?" There's only one way to find out.

Why John Carter's director axed the words 'of Mars' from the title
Dec 16, 2012

Now that we've been left more than satisfied by the epic trailer for Andrew Stanton's John Carter, we're breathing a little easier about the flick. But some sci-fi purists still have a bone to pick with the Pixar alum, namely why he amputated the phrase "of Mars" from the title, which he'd already changed once from the Edgar Rice Burroughs original.

John Carter director working on films 2 and 3 (and hoping for 11!)
Dec 16, 2012

Even though the first adventure based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic tales is still months from hitting theaters, director Andrew Stanton and Pixar have their eyes on more John Carter cinematic exploits.

Stare down a massive Martian horde in a new John Carter TV spot
Dec 16, 2012

The closer we get to John Carter's March 9 release date, the more we see of it, and we haven't gotten even close to sick of that yet. A new TV spot for director Andrew Stanton's sci-fi epic has just hit, and this time it's all about the battle.

Why John Carter's director loved the books but not Carter himself
Dec 16, 2012

Andrew Stanton is a lucky guy. After success at Pixar, Disney tapped him to direct the $200 million sci-fi epic John Carter, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars novels that he says he's loved ever since he was a kid. But despite his childhood love of the source material, there's one thing Stanton never really liked about this particular sci-fi classic: the hero.

1st John Carter clip reveals more Mars, more aliens, more action
Dec 16, 2012

In less than a month, John Carter will invade Mars and our movie theaters, and to get us even more excited about the sweeping sci-fi epic based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' books, Walt Disney pictures has released the very first, actiony clip from director Andrew Stanton's film.

Andrew Stanton says those John Carter over-budget rumors are lies
Dec 16, 2012

Part of the reason we keep hearing rumblings about trouble with Disney's John Carter is the flick's reportedly huge budget, and director Andrew Stanton's lack of discipline with it. The rumor for quite some time has been that he let the budget balloon out of control. Well, Stanton's heard those rumors, and he's got something to say.

John Carter will include a dedication to Steve Jobs. Here's why.
Dec 16, 2012

When Apple head Steve Jobs passed away last October, tech wizards and fellow icons around the world poured out tributes to their friend and mentor immediately. But Jobs also had a major impact on the film world, and their tributes—including one from John Carter director Andrew Stanton—are still on the way.

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Dec 16, 2012

Why is director Andrew Stanton sure you'll love his upcoming film John Carter? Because he believes that, "If I could read a book in 1976 that was written in 1912 and love it for what it was, then I can trust the people of 2012 will like it for the same reasons."

John Carter of Mars to be 'historically accurate' (HUH?)
Dec 14, 2012

Andrew Stanton, the director of Pixar's WALL-E, Finding Nemo and A Bug's Life, is getting out of the animation studio and working on his first live-action movie, the upcoming John Carter of Mars. And he's taking his job seriously. Almost too seriously.

John Carter of Mars fires up in London! New details
Dec 14, 2012

John Carter of Mars, based on the beloved books, begins shooting in London.

WALL-E helmer Andrew Stanton talks John Carter of Mars
Dec 14, 2012

Andrew Stanton offers a few details about his upcoming John Carter of Mars.

More details about John Carter of Mars from WALL-E's creator
Dec 14, 2012

Andrew Stanton offers a few more tidbits about his upcoming sci-fi epic movie.

Willem Dafoe gets his ass to John Carter of Mars
Dec 14, 2012

The actor joins Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins in Andrew Stanton's adaption of Edgar Rice Burroughs' book.

Dominic West joins the cast of John Carter of Mars
Dec 14, 2012

Andrew Stanton's adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs books gains three more stars.