Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln reveals the bonkers way he wants The Walking Dead to end
Mar 21, 2017

With the ratings still above pretty much everything else on TV, it stands to reason The Walking Dead won't be ending anytime soon. But, star Andrew Lincoln does have a (very crazy) endgame in mind.

Image of the Day: Andrew Lincoln is on the money (No, really)
Feb 20, 2017

Andrew Lincoln is on the five-dollar bill. Wait, I mean Abraham. Wait -- what?

Andrew Lincoln promises more 'levity' when The Walking Dead returns
Jan 3, 2017

The first half of The Walking Dead’s latest season was a fairly dour affair, but star Andrew Lincoln promises things will be lightening up when the show returns. Yeah, that’s right — levity.

Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln on the battle for the soul of Alexandria in Season 6
Sep 25, 2015

The final shot of The Walking Dead’s fifth season didn’t exactly close on a cliffhanger, but it did serve as a fascinating point to pause the narrative — and now we know where savior of the free world Rick Grimes is going next.

10 things we learned from The Walking Dead’s roundtable with The NY Times
Feb 3, 2015

The showrunner behind The Walking Dead, along with a few of the key stars, recently sat down for a chat with the New York Times in front of a room full of rabid fans. Here’s what we learned.

Find a way to survive in tantalizing new teaser for The Walking Dead's return
Feb 2, 2015

AMC has been stingy when it comes to footage from The Walking Dead, but a new teaser trailer offers up some intriguing new scenes that leave us with more questions than answers.

Everything we know about The Walking Dead season 5
Oct 10, 2014

It’s one of the biggest shows on television, and come this weekend, it’s finally back. Set your DVR and aim for the head, folks — it’s almost Walking Dead Day.

Rick is out for blood in explosive (literally) new trailer for The Walking Dead S5
Sep 8, 2014

It’s hard to believe this show could get much darker, but judging by this new trailer for The Walking Dead's fifth season, it’s apparently possible.

The walkers are getting closer in four new clips from Walking Dead season five
Aug 28, 2014

While we patiently wait for October to roll around, AMC has started trickling out some tantalizing new footage from season five of The Walking Dead. Want to see?

Walking Dead withdrawals? These bizarre Japanese promos starring Lincoln and Reedus should help
May 6, 2014

It’s easy to forget that The Walking Dead isn’t just a hit in the U.S. -- those walkers have become a global phenomenon. So how do they promote the series in other countries?

6 things we already know about Walking Dead's 'action-heavy' 5th season
Apr 1, 2014

Yes, we’re still reeling from that brutal cliffhanger, but that doesn’t mean we’re completely clueless about The Walking Dead’s upcoming fifth season. So, what have we figured out?

Watch Walking Dead cast and crew explain that shocking finale, what comes next
Mar 31, 2014

The fourth season of The Walking Dead might be over, but the speculating on season five has only just begun. So, what do the cast and crew think will happen next?

Say hello to the hellish new normal in trailer for Walking Dead's S4 return
Jan 29, 2014

A new promo for the return of The Walking Dead has arrived, and it’s safe to say the comfort of the prison is long gone.