Andrew Kreisberg

Supergirl's Andrew Kreisberg on the Season 2 finale, General Zod and Superman's return

Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg opens up about the upcoming Season 2 finale.

No speedster villain for Season 4 of The Flash
Mar 20, 2017

One of the biggest complaints about The Flash in recent years has been that each season has pitted Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) against a villain with the same speedy powers.

The Flash taps Keith David as Solovar in upcoming Gorilla Grodd two-parter
Jan 9, 2017

Gorilla Grodd is set to return for a two-episode arc on The Flash later this year, and frequent Flash ally Solovar will be joining him.

Despite Flashpoint, Supergirl will stay in a separate reality from the Arrow-verse
Oct 11, 2016

Since The Flash is tackling the universe-busting story Flashpoint, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to move Supergirl into the Arrow-verse, right? Well, apparently not.

Supergirl EP Andrew Kreisberg talks about Tyler Hoechlin's version of Superman
Aug 26, 2016

Although we've already had our first official look at Tyler Hoechlin’s version of Superman on The CW’s Supergirl, we still didn’t know much about how the Last Son of Krypton would be portrayed in the superhero series.

Superman heading to The CW in Season 2 of Supergirl, casting underway
Jun 6, 2016

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Warner Bros. officially announcing that Superman will appear in Season 2 of The CW’s Supergirl!

Flash producer promises Man in the Iron Mask reveal will 'blow your mind'
Apr 28, 2016

Amid all the insanity of fighting Zoom and zipping around Earth-2 this season, The Flash has also been quietly setting up a head-scratching mystery — and producer Andrew Kreisberg promises the big reveal will be worth the wait.

The Flash's Andrew Kreisberg opens up about how Barry Allen will fit into Supergirl
Mar 18, 2016

Andrew Kreisberg, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist open up about the upcoming Supergirl/The Flash epic crossover event.

The Flash's Andrew Kreisberg teases Reverse-Flash's confusing return, Zoom's identity
Jan 26, 2016

With the gang still trying to figure out how to take on Zoom, The CW’s Flash is pulling out the big guns and bringing back another Big Bad from Season 1. But fans are likely wondering exactly how that will work considering that [spoilers].

Battlestar Galactica alum cast as the newest villain on The Flash
Jan 12, 2016

The Flash's speed is under attack. His newest foe, The Turtle, will put the brakes on the fastest man alive.

Supergirl producer Andrew Kreisberg on the show's shocking new character reveal
Dec 8, 2015

If you’re not watching CBS’s Supergirl, you missed the debut of one of DC’s most iconic heroes in glorious live action. 

Supergirl producer on Season 1, what they’ve learned from Arrow and The Flash
Oct 28, 2015

The series premiere of CBS’s Supergirl turned out to be one of the most-watched debuts of the year, and producer Andrew Kreisberg has opened up about what we can expect from the rest of the year.