Amy Adams

Amy Adams chats with tentacled aliens in final trailer + poster for The Arrival
Oct 20, 2016

Here's the intense launch trailer for Denis Villeneuve's new sci-fi mystery, Arrival.

Watch Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner commune with cosmic visitors in first clips for Arrival
Sep 1, 2016

Here's an intense pair of previews for Denis Villeneuve's new extraterrestrial first-contact flick.

Amy Adams speaks alien in first official trailer and 12 new posters for Arrival
Aug 16, 2016

Paramount Pictures has dropped the first official trailer and 12 posters for Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming alien movie, Arrival.

Amy Adams gets recruited to speak to aliens in first teaser trailer for Arrival
Aug 9, 2016

Paramount Pictures has released the first teaser trailer for director Denis Villeneuve’s (Prisoners, Sicario) new alien-arrival movie (ahem) Arrival

Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams weigh in on response to Batman v Superman
Mar 24, 2016

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice getting slammed by critics, the director and two of the stars have remarked on the response to the film.

Amy Adams fires back at haters over Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman casting
Dec 20, 2013

It hasn’t matched the howling over Ben Affleck’s casting as the next Batman, but word that Gal Gadot would play the big screen Wonder Woman has elicited some complaints from comic fans.

See the adorable moment Amy Adams learns Wonder Woman's in Man of Steel 2
Dec 9, 2013

It seems DC is taking a page out of Marvel’s super-secret playbook, because apparently Amy Adams didn’t even know Wonder Woman had been cast in the Man of Steel sequel.

Lois feels Perry White's wrath in 1st Man of Steel clip
Jun 4, 2013

We have new footage from Man of Steel featuring Lois Lane. She's the journalist who's also the love interest of Superman/Clark Kent. Watch what happens when Lois and her boss bump heads.

Amy Adams' Lois Lane in Man of Steel will be ... a redhead?
Dec 15, 2012

Lois Lane's gone through many changes in the comics over the decades, but there's always been one constant—she's never been a blonde. Her hair has sometimes been brown, and sometimes black. (Although considering the way comics are colored, that black was really more of a blue.)

Love it or hate it, Amy Adams' Lois Lane will be a redhead
Dec 15, 2012

Man of Steel is bringing some serious changes to the Superman franchise. Earlier today, we posted a photo of Clark Kent dressed as a bearded hobo, and now we've got a closer look at the revamped and red-haired Lois Lane.

Superman director Zack Snyder picks his Lois Lane
Dec 14, 2012

Director Zack Snyder has chosen the actress who will play Lois Lane in his upcoming reboot of Superman—and she's a three-time Oscar nominee.