American Horror Story: Asylum

American Horror Story producers finally explain what was up with the aliens
Trent Moore

After telling a spine-tingling ghost story in season one, the FX anthology series American Horror Story took a major twist in year two. So what the heck was up with the aliens?

Extremely NSFW clip recaps American Horror Story Asylum in 1 min
Trent Moore

FX’s hit horror series American Horror Story touched on some pretty depraved topics in its second season.

American Horror Story concept art finally reveals those freaky aliens
Trent Moore

After telling a classic ghost story in its first year, FX’s hit series American Horror Story went absolutely insane (literally) for season two—with aliens, demons and serial killers all thrown into the Asylum.

TV THIS WEEK: American Horror's finale, Felicia Day and more!
Kathie Huddleston

American Horror Story: Asylum's mad tale finally comes to an end, Last Resort signs off forever, and Felicia Day goes LARPing on Supernatural.

From Fringe to Walking Dead: Our top 18 sci-fi TV moments of 2012
Kathie Huddleston

It was a big year for sci-fi and fantasy television with Walking Dead chewing up the screen, with The Vampire Diaries killing off its heroine ... kinda, and with American Horror Story getting its freak on. But what TV moments made us laugh or gave us the chills or broke our hearts. And what was our number one favorite moment of the year?

Horror Story falls, Once Upon a Time rises + 34 other genre shows
Matthew Jackson

The holiday season is upon us, and that means our TV schedule is slimming out a bit. Most of our shows had Thanksgiving week off, but there's still plenty to talk about. American Horror Story tried to brave the holiday week and paid for it, while Once Upon A Time got a big rebound and Revolution stopped falling. And you can probably guess how The Walking Dead did.

Big Bang hits new high, 666 sinks to new low + 34 more genre shows
Matthew Jackson

We're about two months into the 2012-2013 TV season, and it's getting easier to tell which shows will be sticking around and which ones probably won't make the cut. On ABC, both 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort are struggling, while Elementary is making a case for another season at CBS. Meanwhile, there is no question at all about the futures of The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory.

Horror Story starts big, Arrow keeps flying + 34 other genre shows
Matthew Jackson

Last week, the big story was The Walking Dead's stellar season two debut. This week, American Horror Story returned for its own record-breaking performance. Meanwhile Arrow stayed strong, Big Bang Theory kept dominating Thursday nights, and Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue both continued to struggle.

American Horror Story cast promises S2 is 'as extreme as possible'
Kathie Huddleston

Think season one of FX's American Horror Story was over the top? Well, when season two premieres tonight under the title of American Horror Story: Aslyum, you'll find there are whole new levels of "extreme," "shocking," and "terror" to explore, said stars Zachary Quinto and Sarah Paulson in an exclusive interview with Blastr. And no, this one doesn't have ghosts.

TV THIS WEEK: Summer Glau, American Horror Story and more!
Kathie Huddleston

It's a whole new season and new spooky story when American Horror Story: Asylum premieres on Wednesday. And Summer Glau returns to Alphas as a mechanical genius, while Kelly Hu takes on Arrow.

How to watch 1st 5 minutes of American Horror Story premiere NOW
Krystal Clark

FX is giving us a sneak peek at American Horror Story: Asylum. This season takes us inside a corrupt and mysterious mental hospital. Can't wait for the premiere episode? You can watch the first five minutes right now!

Latest American Horror Story footage most terrifying teaser yet
Trent Moore

It's less than two weeks until the new season of American Horror Story starts scaring the crap out of us, but it seems the frights are coming a bit early, thanks to the creepiest trailer yet from Asylum.

Freaky American Horror Story S2 trailer shows tons of new footage
Trent Moore

After being inundated with freaky teasers, we finally have the first real trailer for FX's American Horror Story: Asylum, which sets up the premise and shows some actual footage from the show. Not surprisingly, it's freaky as hell.

A patient's loose in 3 creepy American Horror Story Asylum teasers
Trent Moore

As we close in on the October 17 premiere of American Horror Story season two, FX has released three weird new teasers that show off the surreal side of the Asylum.