American Gods

Watch: American Gods' Kristin Chenoweth on sharing the limelight with Jesus

Kristin Chenoweth tells us about playing the underappreciated god Easter, and reuniting with Bryan Fuller.

American Gods unveils a new featurette and character promo

With the premiere of American Gods less than two weeks away, Starz has released a new featurette along with a character promo for their upcoming series.

Get ready for American Gods with a new clip and six character promos

Starz has released a new clip and six cool character promos for showrunner Bryan Fuller's upcoming series American Gods.

Meet the American Gods in new posters from Neil Gaiman TV series

Meet Czernobog, Mad Sweeney, Easter and 7 more immortal entities in this new crop of American Gods posters.

Character appearances galore in new American Gods trailer
Mar 15, 2017

War is brewing between the Old Gods and the New (and I'm not talking about Game of Thrones here) in the latest trailer for American Gods.

American Gods gets a premiere date and new poster
Feb 23, 2017

They took their sweet time but Starz has finally announced the premiere date for Bryan Fuller's live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods. They've also released a very cool new poster for the TV series.

Meet Shadow Moon in first preview of Neil Gaiman's American Gods comic
Feb 1, 2017

Not only is Neil Gaiman’s American Gods coming to TV with a live-action series sometime this year, but the award-winning fantasy novel is also getting a comic book adaptation.