Amazon Prime

Good news! Hulu to follow Amazon Prime, Netflix by adding offline viewing

It’s taken a long time to get here but all three major streaming services will soon offer offline viewing.

Gaiman and Pratchett's Good Omens to end the world on Amazon in 2018

Neil Gaiman is set to showrun and write an adaptation of the legendary end times comedy.

Amazon launches anime streaming service featuring new shows and classics

If you’re an anime fan looking for an easy way to keep up with the genre, Amazon is looking to fill that void.

New trailer for Studio Ghibli anime TV series, coming soon to Amazon Prime

Anime fans, take note: The acclaimed Studio Ghibli has produced a new-ish TV series, and it's hitting Amazon Prime in just a few weeks.

The Tick reboot picked up for full season on Amazon Prime
Sep 27, 2016

The Big Blue Bug of Justice is officially back in action.

Arthur meets The Tick, and Jackie Earl Haley is the big bad in new pics from Amazon series
Aug 2, 2016

We’re still waiting to see a trailer from Amazon’s rebooted take on The Tick, but in the meantime, the studio has finally released some fresh pics from the pilot. Want to see?

Ben Edlund on his plan for the new Tick series, how it differs from Fox's 2001 effort
Jul 27, 2016

From the animated series to comic books, The Tick has proven to have some legit staying power over the decades. Now he’s finally coming back to live action. But how will it differ from Fox’s short-lived (but beloved) attempt in 2001?

Doctor Who is coming back to streaming. Yay! To Amazon Prime! Hmm...
Feb 23, 2016

All of time and space, coming to a streaming service that some of you might have.

Ratings revealed for Netflix's Jessica Jones, Amazon's Man in the High Castle
Jan 14, 2016

Ratings data for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime is one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood, but we might finally have an inkling for how well their hits like Jessica Jones and The Man in the High Castle actually perform. 

Amazon putting Nazi imagery in NYC subways to promote The Man in the High Castle
Nov 24, 2015

File this one under a gutsy marketing move. This is either absolutely brilliant, or really (really) dumb.

The resistance faces long odds in new trailer for The Man in the High Castle
Oct 9, 2015

We’ve been geeking out over the pilot for a while, and now Amazon has dropped a fresh trailer for the first season of The Man in the High Castle. Spoiler alert: It’s looking good.