Amazing Spider-Man 2

More e-mail leaks reveal Kevin Feige's notes to Sony on everything wrong with Amazing Spider-Man 2
Apr 20, 2015

One good thing that came out of Amazing Spider-Man 2 underperforming was that it helped bring the beloved character back under Marvel Studios' control. But did you know that head honcho Kevin Feige tried to right the ship before it sank?

Amazing Spider-Man 2 concept art reveals unused web-shooters with built-in MP3 player
Dec 15, 2014

Despite its ballooning budget, Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the lowest-grossing Spidey film of the series and left many fans underwhelmed. Well, it could’ve been worse.

Rumor of the day: This could be the plot of Venom's Spider-Man spin-off
Nov 11, 2014

We know Sony is prepping its own Amazing Spider-Man universe of spinoffs, and we might’ve just been clued in to the plot of that Venom standalone flick.

Watch the X-Men: DOFP scene hidden at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 right now
Nov 11, 2014

Fans who checked out Amazing Spider-Man 2 this weekend got a nice X-Men bonus at the end, but now the rest of us can check out that nifty Days of Future Past clip.

Latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 viral promo teases two MORE classic villains
Nov 11, 2014

If you thought the Amazing Spider-Man universe couldn’t get much bigger, think again. It seems director Marc Webb is adding a few more classic baddies to the mix.

Peter Parker meets his father in this WTF alternate ending to Amazing Spider-Man 2
Aug 4, 2014

Fans and critics alike were fairly divided on Amazing Spider Man 2, but have a look at how this thing could have ended.

Awesome slow-motion supercut covers 70-plus years and 113 films
Aug 4, 2014

Though we see it a lot in modern-day blockbusters, slow motion has been around for a very long time. Want to catch up on the better part of a century's worth of it?

Rumor of the day: Sony trying to lock in Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man until 2020
May 21, 2014

It sounds like Sony might be ready to back up the money truck to keep Andrew Garfield around through the rest of the decade for at least a few more Spidey sequels.

Check out this radical alternate design art for Rhino, Spidey and Green Goblin
May 6, 2014

Here's a sweet stash of unused concepts for Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Marc Webb reveals what Spidey villain he's interested in taking on next
May 5, 2014

Could this give us some clue as to how the Sinister Six will be rounded out?

Andrew Garfield grabs acoustic guitar, sings Spider-Man theme song.
May 2, 2014

Did you know that Spider-Man can spin a web, any size? Well, if it's in a song then it must be true!

McDonald's Amazing Spider-Man toys get ridiculous pink girl versions
Apr 29, 2014

Spider-Man is a hero for every man and boy, but some folks seem to think, if you're a girl, you can only like him if he's been pinkified, apparently. D'oh!

EXCLUSIVE: Marc Webb on villain overload and how fans helped shape Amazing Spider-Man 2
Apr 18, 2014

The director discusses his second spin with the webslinger and what it's like to deal with Spidey's fan legacy in an exclusive chat.

Watch cast tease Amazing Spider-Man 3, Oscorp as the root of all evil
Apr 16, 2014

We haven’t even gotten to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 yet, but the cast and crew are already dropping hints on what we might see in the inevitable sequel.