all you need is kill

5 Edge of Tomorrow Clips excite us today
May 27, 2014

Some new clips from Edge of Tomorrow give us nearly five minutes of movie time and a better look at one of the summer's most interesting movies.

And now: Tom Cruise, in a mech suit, running from a wall of fire
Jan 14, 2013

Tom Cruise is hard at work on his next big budget sci-fi flick All You Need Is Kill, and the first set pic of the Mission Impossible star back in action has finally leaked out. Boy, is it a doozy.

That Tom Cruise aliens + Groundhog Day film finds its leading lady
Dec 17, 2012

We haven't heard anything new from director Doug Liman's alien war epic All You Need Is Kill since way back in December, when Tom Cruise signed on to star. Now we're finally hearing the flick has a leading lady, and she's an actress with some sci-fi cred.

Tom Cruise + Groundhog Day + aliens = All You Need Is Kill
Dec 16, 2012

Tom Cruise must be in the middle of a serious sci-fi kick these days. He was already set to star in Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinki's alien invasion epic Horizons, and now he's signing on for All You Need Is Kill, an alien war movie with a dash of Groundhog Day thrown in.