Alien: Resurrection

Watch the construction of the Alien Queen from Alien: Resurrection
Jan 4, 2016

A new video featurette gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the resurrection of the Xenomorph Queen for Alien 4.

Why Whedon is still upset about his ['$#!tty'] Alien: Resurrection
Apr 18, 2013

Joss Whedon has a lot of great credits on his resume, but there is still at least one dud in his back catalog that haunts him to this day.

Everyone's talking mainframe computers in hypnotic movie mash-up
Mar 27, 2013

Hollywood -- great at blowing things up, doesn't know squat about computers.

That time 28 Days Later's Danny Boyle almost made an Alien sequel
Mar 14, 2013

The Alien franchise fell on hard times with the last few sequels, but one of those 1990s installments almost had a big dose of the zombie classic 28 Days Later.