Alien Nation

Alien Nation remake in the works with Midnight Special director Jeff Nichols
Sep 12, 2016

The remake/reboot trend is showing no signs of slowing down, with Alien Nation being the latest 1980s movie Hollywood is looking to put a (fresh?) new spin on.

Fox wants to remake Alien Nation, this time with Marvel writers
Mar 26, 2015

Fox wants to turn a modest '80s hit into a current blockbuster. 

The 12 most gigantic hovering spaceships from sci-fi film and TV
Dec 14, 2012

Nothing says alien invasion like the stupendous spacecrafts of The Day the Earth Stood Still, Alien Nation and more.

A new Alien Nation series develops at SCI FI Channel
Dec 14, 2012

Former Angel producer Tim Minear is writing the proposed series.