Alien Life

Alien life could become much more common in the next trillion years or so
Aug 4, 2016

The prevailing sci-fi prognostication is that humans are likely on the lower end of the evolutionary ladder when it comes to potential alien life. But it turns out we lowly humans could be the future alien overlords in this scenario. 

NASA's chief scientist says we should find signs of alien life by 2025
Apr 8, 2015

Earth’s greatest minds are still looking to the stars for life, and now the woman helping run the show at NASA has pinned a target date on when we’ll hopefully find it.


Astronomer debunks those scientists claiming to have discovered aliens
Sep 20, 2013

Don't get too excited about those organisms that supposedly came from space. An expert's already saying not so fast.

British scientists claim to have harvested alien organisms from space
Sep 20, 2013

Alien life may really be out there, and it may be closer than you think.