Alien: Isolation

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EXCLUSIVE: Returning to the Nostromo with Alien Isolation creative lead Al Hope
Oct 6, 2014

In Alien: Isolation survival mode, you get to play as Ripley, Parker or Dallas ... and Ash has your back.

11 alluring & alarming concept images from deluxe new Alien: Isolation art book
Oct 2, 2014

Here's a preview of epic imagery created for SEGA'S latest Alien adventure.

Ripley's daughter is facing some familiar challenges in the latest Alien: Isolation trailer
Aug 13, 2014

Amanda Ripley is in deep trouble, and it looks like we're in for a great game.

Sigourney Weaver talks about reprising Ripley in upcoming Alien: Isolation
Jul 24, 2014

Sigourney Weaver takes Ripley in a new direction in the recently announced survival horror DLC.

Surprise! The original cast of Alien is back for the awesome looking Alien: Isolation
Jul 9, 2014

The crew of the Nostromo are coming back, and we'll all get a chance to play as them.

In 6 minutes of Alien: Isolation footage, everything can (and will) kill you
Jun 10, 2014

Footage for the upcoming Alien: Isolation videogame shows us more reasons to be afraid. Be very afraid.

5 things Alien fans need to know about Alien: Isolation
Apr 28, 2014

Will the upcoming survival horror game set in the Alien universe scratch that xenomorph itch? We investigate.

New video shows us that upcoming game Alien: Isolation is more Alien, less Aliens
Apr 17, 2014

As we see in the video, the game takes more from the 1979 horror movie than the 1986 action movie.

New Alien: Isolation footage takes us 'behind the terror' of the new videogame sequel
Mar 26, 2014

Fans still jonesing for some straight-up Alien action are in luck, thanks to an ambitious new videogame set after the events of the first film. Want to see it in action?

So this is how Ripley's daughter fits into that Alien: Isolation videogame sequel
Jan 27, 2014

The upcoming videogame Alien: Isolation looks to be one of the purest sequels we’ve seen in a while to the Alien franchise, and now we know how Ripley’s daughter gets pulled in.