Alien: Covenant

This Fifty Shades of Alien mashup trailer is a shocking shower send-up

Here's what happens when you mix the sci-fi creatures of the Alien prequel with the perverse pleasures of Fifty Shades Darker.

James Cameron on Alien: Covenant and why he decided to look for Atlantis

James Cameron is once again merging his love of science and his love of filmmaking in a new documentary.

Ridley Scott is developing a virtual reality experience for Alien: Covenant
Jan 4, 2017

Things are about to get even more terrifying for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant. The legendary filmmaker and The Fox Innovation Lab are teaming up to bring the upcoming movie as a virtual reality experience.

Image of the Day: New Alien: Covenant pic entices you down an eerie hallway
Dec 21, 2016

Nothing good can be on the other side of this foreboding alley aboard an Engineer's spaceship.

James Franco cast in key role for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant
Dec 9, 2016

James Franco is headed for deep space in next year's Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel.

Wish Ridley Scott Happy Birthday with new Alien: Covenant set shot
Nov 30, 2016

Director Ridley Scott is blowing out the candles on his cake today, and here's an eerie shot from Alien: Covenant's set to honor the occasion.

Image of the Day: First Alien: Covenant poster unleashes fear and a new release date
Nov 25, 2016

The first official poster for Alien: Covenant has dropped, revealing that the Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel will hit movie theaters three months earlier than expected.