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Lost's J.J. Abrams sold a 'high concept' super-powered show to NBC
Jul 4, 2015

Hey Fringe fans, don't worry—the series may be ending this year, but there will be no shortage of J.J. Abrams' series on television next fall.

Gravity's Alfonso Cuaron up to direct Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts
May 19, 2014

We heard a while back that the Harry Potter universe would be returning with a spinoff trilogy, and it sounds like they’re going with a familiar face to bring it all to life.

Hilarious Superman mashup reveals the REAL truth behind Gravity
Apr 2, 2014

Alfonso Cuaron’s thriller Gravity had just about everything, but if there was something missing, it’d be Superman. Right?

Check out these stunning unused posters created by Gravity's FX team
Mar 21, 2014

The final Gravity poster we saw plastered all over the place was pretty awesome, but it could’ve looked different — and believe it or not, these unused designs are just as cool, if not cooler.

EXCLUSIVE: Alfonso Cuaron's visual style is seeped in the bones of NBC's Believe
Mar 10, 2014

NBC's new drama from Gravity's Alfonso Cuaron, Believe, will take full advantage of the Oscar winner's mastery of visual style and storytelling, said showrunner Jonas Pate in an exclusive interview with Blastr.

Watch the brutal opening scene of Abrams + Cuaron's new NBC series Believe
Mar 7, 2014

The high-concept premise seems a bit far-fetched, but if the opening two minutes of NBC’s new series Believe are any indication, it’ll at least be entertaining.

Alfonso Cuaron reveals what forced Robert Downey, Jr. to drop out of Gravity
Feb 19, 2014

Did you know the sci-fi blockbuster Gravity almost starred Robert Downey Jr.? Early on, the actor realized he wasn't the right man for the job.

Watch cartoon Bullock and Clooney re-create Gravity in 60 hilarious seconds
Feb 11, 2014

With a boatload of awards under its belt, Gravity proved that a white-knuckle thrill ride of a movie could work. But, the story? You could sum that up pretty quickly.

Super powers and prison breaks in new trailer for Abrams/Cuaron series Believe
Jan 21, 2014

A new trailer for J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi series Believe actually does a pretty good job of setting up the high-concept premise.

Uh-oh! Abrams' new series loses showrunner (and goes on hiatus)
Dec 16, 2013

It seems like J.J. Abrams isn’t content until he has a TV show on every network, to go along with his big screen Star Trek and Star Wars adventures. But, his latest show has hit a bit of a snag.

Alfonso Cuaron fires back at haters over Gravity's scientific 'inaccuracies'
Dec 13, 2013

Though the critically acclaimed Gravity is nominated for a boatload of awards this winter, it’s garnered a few haters for its alleged inaccuracies. Now director Alfonso Cuaron is firing back.

Gravity shatters predictions and sets a box-office opening record
Oct 7, 2013

Alfonso Cuaron's visually stunning space drama was expected to open big, but not this big.

An early screening of the sci-fi film Gravity just got RAVE reviews
Aug 28, 2013

If you weren't already convinced by the trailers, these reviews might prove that Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is a film you simply must see.

Alfonso Cuaron screens terrifying Gravity footage at Comic-Con and blows us away
Jul 20, 2013

If the footage we saw today in Hall H is anything to go by, Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is going to be one of the most immersive experiences ever put on film.