Alex Kingston

Doctor Who unleashes 2 new trailers and 28 official images for the Xmas special
Dec 6, 2015

The BBC has released a pair of exciting trailers and a bunch of new images for “The Husbands of River Song.”

Brit fave Matt Lucas makes his Doctor Who debut in 11 new pics from the Christmas special
Dec 4, 2015

The BBC has released a bunch of new promo and character pics for its upcoming Christmas special, “The Husbands of River Song.”

The Doctor Who Christmas special gets a cool title and a revealing new promo pic
Dec 1, 2015

A new promo image for the Doctor Who Christmas special is offering up a big reveal.

Here's when the Doctor Who Xmas special takes place in River Song's timeline
Nov 24, 2015

Info on River's timeline and two new pics from the upcoming Doctor Who yuletide episode have emerged.

Alex Kingston returns as River Song for Doctor Who's 2015 Christmas special
Sep 2, 2015

Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor is about to come face to face with his wife: Alex Kingston's Professor River Song, archaeologist.

Star Trek star beams aboard Doctor Who: The Diary of River Song
Jul 29, 2015

River Song is returning for a series of Doctor Who adventures with a fan-favorite Star Trek star.

River Song to team up with Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor on two Doctor Who radio plays
Jun 29, 2015

Will Alex Kingston's River Song actually come face to face with a previous incarnation of our beloved Time Lord?

Alex Kingston says that River Song is not done on Doctor Who
May 7, 2015

The last time Matt Smith's Doctor and River Song finally parted, we thought it would be the end of the character. Or did we? Need I say: "Shhhh. Spoilers?"

Here's the one thing Matt Smith doesn't want Peter Capaldi's Doctor to have
Feb 11, 2014

Matt Smith was (mostly) ready to hand over the reins to the next man in the TARDIS, but there's one thing he's not so keen on.

Why Steven Moffat doubts River Song will return for Doctor Who's 8th series
Jan 10, 2014

Hello, sweetie! Or rather -- goodbye, sweetie! Looks like River Song’s return to Doctor Who may not be a sure thing after all, and here’s the bizarre reason why.

Look who's back! Doctor Who star returns for more Arrow
Dec 3, 2013

Arrow is staging another family reunion. A popular sci-fi actress is reuniting with her estranged TV family.

Alex Kingston hints we're gonna see more River Song on Doctor Who
Oct 7, 2013

“Hello sweetie!” Looks like River Song may not have said her final goodbyes to the Doctor just yet.