Alan Ritchson

Syfy cranks up the engine on a bunch of bloody NSFW Blood Drive teasers

One of the many, many awesome shows slated to air this summer on Syfy includes a little Grindhouse-inspired TV series called Blood Drive. To whet our appetite for the high-octane drama, an impressive bunch of new NSFW bloody teasers have dropped.

Alan Ritchson set to drive blood-fueled cars in Syfy’s new post-apocalyptic series Blood Drive
Jun 8, 2016

Alan Ritchson will play the last good cop in this new grindhouse-style drama series on Syfy.

Star of Bay's TMNT reboot: 'Everything you read online is wrong'
Apr 15, 2013

With rumors that he’s dropping the “teenage” and “mutant," Michael Bay’s TMNT reboot isn’t getting a lot of love in fandom these days.

Aquaman movie 'very much a reality,' says Smallville star
Dec 14, 2012

An Aquaman movie for the big screen? Seems that it's a clear possibility if we're to believe the King of Atlantis himself, actor Alan Ritchson, who's making a splashy return in tonight's episode of the CW's Smallville titled "Patriot".