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Why didn't Sookie and Alcide get it on during True Blood S5?
Dec 17, 2012

One of True Blood's staples is the Bill/Sookie/Eric love triangle. It was a common thread until this year, when Eric and Bill were taken out of Sookie's orbit. While they were off with the Authority, Alcide was waiting in the wings. But unfortunately, nothing happened.

True Blood's adding three new romances (but who's hooking up?)
Dec 17, 2012

While True Blood is currently airing its fifth bloody season, we haven't seen that much romance on the show this season. (That is, Sookie's STILL single and still not getting it on with anyone yet.) But series creator Alan Ball says there will be three new romances for us to sink our pearly white teeth into.

4 gruesome True Blood pics show Sookie and Eric's finale reunion
Dec 17, 2012

True Blood is coming to a deadly conclusion. After months of Authority-fueled chaos, it's time to pay the piper. Sunday's episode will merge all the storylines into one explosive finale. Bring your tissues, because not everyone's going to make it.

Sign of the times? True Blood S6 will be shorter than usual
Dec 17, 2012

Last Sunday, True Blood ended its fifth season with a bang—literally. The gore-fest was ratings gold, solidifying the show's following. Earlier this summer, HBO ordered another season, but with one major change.

This bites: After 4 seasons, True Blood loses creator and head writer
Dec 16, 2012

As we prepare for the fifth season of HBO's sinful little vampire show, it's clear that True Blood the series shows no signs of slowing down. Sadly, it seems the same can't be said for series creator and head writer Alan Ball, who's just plain tuckered out from hanging with the creatures of the night.

Charlaine Harris 'surprised' by Sunday's shocking True Blood death
Dec 15, 2012

If you watched Sunday's episode of True Blood, you were probably totally shocked by its ending. (We certainly were!) But perhaps no one was more surprised than Charlaine Harris, the writer of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, on which the hit HBO series is based. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

HBO bites: True Blood renewed for a 5th season
Dec 15, 2012

It looks like the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse on HBO aren't going to end anytime soon. HBO announced today that the supernatural series True Blood will be renewed for a fifth 12-episode season, which will premiere in 2012.

A True Blood bloodsucker we all saw DIE is somehow coming back
Dec 14, 2012

Remember when Godric, the gentle 2,000-year-old bloodsucker who sired everyone's favorite blond vampire Eric Northman, literally bit the dust during True Blood's second season? Well, rejoice one and all, because he'll be back for the hit HBO series' fourth season this summer!

How True Blood's 4th season will spell BIG problems for Eric
Dec 14, 2012

The fourth season of the hit HBO series True Blood is coming up soon and actor Alexander Skarsgard has revealed a few things concerning his character—and everyone's favorite blond bloodsucker—Eric. And for those of you who've read the books, you'll definitely go: Yessss.

The True Blood novels' sexiest scene is coming to TV this season
Dec 14, 2012

True Blood creator Alan Ball has teased that one of the sexiest, most hottest (yes, most hottest) scene in all of the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novels will be seen this season ... but maybe not exactly as you'd think.

12 big-ass spoilers for True Blood season 3
Dec 14, 2012

The writers give us the scoop about what to expect in season three.

9 sizzling True Blood spoilers from creator Alan Ball
Dec 14, 2012

Alan Ball has a promise for True Blood viewers. The characters in his randy, violent, supernatural series aren't going to experience long-term happiness...

True Blood creator Alan Ball reveals what's coming in season two
Dec 14, 2012

We talked exclusively with the creator of HBO's hit vampire series.

Video: True Blood creator Alan Ball answers your questions
Dec 14, 2012

The creator of HBO's True Blood answers fan questions in this new video.

Will True Blood reveal 'Bill's' deep dark secret?
Dec 14, 2012

What might series creator Alan Ball do to drive Sookie into the arms of Eric?