Age of the Hobbits

Warner Bros. officially trying to kill that Hobbit mockbuster
Jan 14, 2013

We'd heard the folks at Warner Bros. were none too happy with the upcoming mockbuster Age of the Hobbits—and now the studio behind The Hobbit has officially pulled the trigger in an effort to kill the direct-to-DVD rival.

Warners lawsuit win means you'll never see that Hobbit mockbuster
Jan 14, 2013

We'd heard for a while that MGM and the folks behind The Hobbit were trying to shut down a "mockbuster" using the Hobbit name—and now it looks like they might've succeeded. Sorry straight-to-DVD fans, we may never get to see Age of the Hobbits now.

See the trailer for mockbuster Hobbit movie WB's trying to kill
Dec 17, 2012

It's taken decades to get a proper film based on The Hobbit made, and now that the trilogy is finally happening, the buzz is generating some unwanted attention from would-be filmmakers wanting to cash in on the "Hobbit" craze—and Warner Bros. is none too happy about it.