After Earth

Ouch! See which sci-fi films picked up those 'coveted' Razzie Awards
Mar 3, 2014

The night before the best in cinema was celebrated at the Oscars, the worst in cinema was celebrated at the Razzies, and genre films were well represented.

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Jan 15, 2014

It's awards season, and that means it's time to honor the worst right along with the best.

Will Smith laughs off failure of After Earth in hilarious interview
Jun 10, 2013

Will Smith has been a bankable movie star for so long, it’s hard to remember the last time he had a movie flop — until now.

Buzz Aldrin blasts After Earth for lack of spacefaring realism
May 31, 2013

Early reviews of Will and Jaden Smiths’ sci-fi epic After Earth have not been pretty, but now it might have its most famous critic yet: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Screenwriter reveals After Earth wasn't meant to be a sci-fi movie
May 31, 2013

After Earth is a science fiction adventure film about a man and his son trapped on the deadliest planet of all: Earth. But it turns out the sci-fi story was originally … something else.

9 sci-fi father-son duos we’d want on our side during the apocalypse
May 23, 2013

With After Earth opening next week, we’ve decided to take a look at a few more father-son duos we’d want on our side during the apocalypse.

Scary super-monkeys are on the attack in latest After Earth clip
May 16, 2013

We finally get to see more of the harsh future in a new After Earth clip, and those feral monkey critters we glimpsed in the trailers are out for blood.

Look out After Earth—WIll Smith prepping ANOTHER big sci-fi movie
Mar 18, 2013

After Earth hasn't even hit theaters yet, and Will Smith is already prepping his next big sci-fi movie.

After Earth trailer shows survival won't be easy for Will Smith and son
Mar 7, 2013

If you were wondering just how hard sci-fi the new Will Smith action flick After Earth will be, wonder now more.

Danger reigns in 1st trailer for Shyamalan's sci-fi epic After Earth
Jan 14, 2013

M. Night Shyamalan is going sci-fi. The director's reunited Will and Jaden Smith for the futuristic After Earth. The father-son duo brave the wilderness in the first trailer for the summer blockbuster.

1st tantalizing promo image for Shyamalan's After Earth
Dec 17, 2012

His last few sci-fi efforts may have been a bit hit or miss, but M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming flick After Earth still has a lot of buzz thanks to stars Will and Jaden Smith—and we finally have our first look at a promo image from the mysterious project.

Expanded synopsis for Shyamalan's After Earth reveals plot details
Dec 17, 2012

M. Night Shyamalan's latest project After Earth already had us intrigued, and when it signed on father-son duo Will and Jaden Smith, our curiosity was definitely piqued. Now we have the full synopsis—and this looks like it could be one of the coolest sci-fi flicks in a while.