Watch dogs barking (yes, barking) Darth Vader's Imperial March
Dec 16, 2012

Volkswagen has found some success partnering with Lucasfilm for some car ads and, judging by this tuneful teaser, it looks like the car manufacturer is warming up for another Star Wars-centric Super Bowl commercial blitz.

Korean ad gives us a Vader that's gotta go potty REALLY bad
Dec 16, 2012

I'd like to think there's a chamber, buried deep somewhere beneath the Skywalker Ranch, in which an elite brain trust plots the course of the Star Wars empire, charting its path to financial dominance. That might not be the truth, but you've gotta wonder how this overseas cell-phone ad made it through the Lucasfilm approval gauntlet.

11 of the most geektastic Super Bowl trailers and commercials
Dec 16, 2012

Every year, the Super Bowl is a forum for competition of the finest caliber. Teams of very talented individuals vying for your affection, hoping that you'll buy whatever it is they're selling. Yes, we're talking about the ads, those million-dollar blips that can be either brilliant or baffling. And here are the ones designed to tickle our Nerd Cortex.