Admiral Ackbar

The man behind Star Wars' Admiral Ackbar passes away
Apr 5, 2016

Erik Bauersfeld, the actor who provided the voice for Admiral Ackbar in two Star Wars films, has made the jump to lightspeed.

It's not a trap! Admiral Ackbar actor confirms Star Wars: The Force Awakens return
Oct 2, 2015

A beloved alien character is set to make his eagerly anticipated return in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And it's not a trap.

Rare video interview with (It's a trap!) voice of Admiral Ackbar
Jul 4, 2015

If we had to guess, we'd say that as much as love as there is for the Rebel Alliance's Admiral Ackbar and his internet meme-friendly line of dialogue, there's as much ignorance of the actor who actually uttered that line in Star Wars: Episode VI. Mystery solved!

Conan O'Brien schools Star Wars fan on the correct way to pronounce Ackbar
Feb 19, 2014

A Conan fan pointed out that O'Brien incorrectly pronounced the name Admiral Ackbar. But did he?

Coolest school mascot ever? Ole Miss wants Admiral Ackbar
Dec 14, 2012

Star Wars' Admiral Ackbar is a candidate to become mascot at the University of Mississippi.