Adam McKay

Ant-Man screenwriter to direct adaptation of Mark Waid's evil superhero comic, Irredeemable
May 5, 2016

Adam McKay signs on to direct a feature adaptation of Boom! Studio's Irredeemable.

After Ant-Man flirtation, Adam McKay could direct a DIFFERENT Marvel movie
Oct 23, 2014

They couldn’t make the timing work out for Adam McKay to take the reins of Ant-Man, but it sounds like the Anchorman director might get a shot at a different Marvel movie down the line.

More Ant-Man drama: Marvel loses its top choice for new director
Jun 2, 2014

Another one bites the dust. Marvel has lost out on another director for next year's Ant-Man.

Could one of these three directors helm Marvel's Ant-Man?
May 30, 2014

As promised, Marvel Studios is looking for a new Ant-Man director. Today, a few candidates have surfaced as frontrunners for the big job.