Action Comics

Check out how Superman will lose his classic costume in the pages of Action Comics #41
May 18, 2015

The Son of Krypton is about to get a costume change, and you can see how it's going to happen.

Near-mint copy of Action Comics #1 shatters comic-book sales records
Aug 25, 2014

An incredibly rare copy of Superman's first appearance just shattered the old record for most expensive comic ever.

Super-rare near mint copy of Action Comics #1 headed to the auction block
Jul 24, 2014

Another original copy of Superman's first comic-book appearance has surfaced, and it's in remarkably good shape.

Check out the oldest existing Superman artwork, about to hit the auction block
Feb 5, 2014

Got some spare lottery winnings burning a hole in your pocket? Good news! The oldest original artwork of Superman currently in existence is about to hit the auction block.

Look, up in the sky! Astrophysicist locates Krypton on a star map
Jan 14, 2013

Ever wonder where in the sky the planet Krypton might be located? Well, wonder no more, because a famous American astrophysicist has pinpointed exactly where Superman's birthplace lies.

First Superman comic fetches a crazy record of $1 million!
Dec 14, 2012

A rare copy of Action Comics number one garners the highest price ever for a comic book.

Another Superman comic sets new auction record: $1.5 mill
Dec 14, 2012

Another copy of the first Superman comic has sold for a record amount.