How do you improve on Game of Thrones? Replace all sound with video game FX!
Aug 27, 2014

Game of Thrones is pretty good, but wouldn't it be even better if, instead of realistic scraping of swords, and rending of flesh, it was all bloops and bleeps, instead?

This 8-bit treatment of The Avengers is the NES game we never knew we wanted
Jul 23, 2014

All things are made better with 2D side-scrolling platform games, especially Marvel's billion-dollar blockbuster The Avengers.

Game of Thrones S2 gets turned into a NSFW (but funny) 8-bit RPG
Dec 17, 2012

Remember last summer, when we showed you a this hilarious 8-bit RPG parody of Game of Thrones? Well, as with the actual show, one go 'round just wasn't enough, and now the folks behind it have turned their talents to season two. Prepare yourself for NSFW shadow demons, king slappin' and drunk Cersei.