3D printing

This full-size, 3D printed Stargate replica took 1,000 hours to build
Aug 29, 2016

It’s amazing how far consumer-level 3D printing technology has come over the past few years, and while it might eventually help astronauts reach Mars and make the world a better place — it can also be used to build Stargates. Like, full-on, life-size Stargates.

Cosplay We Love: Brilliant 3D-printed Batsuit
Jan 2, 2015

Check out this amazing Arkham armor produced from a printer!

New 3D printer tech lets you print edible food (including pizza!) at home. Seriously.
Nov 6, 2014

We're one step closer to the high-tech kitchen goodies we’ve glimpsed in science fiction like Back to the Future 2 and Star Trek.

Guy makes incredibly detailed Winterfell model with 3D printer
Feb 5, 2013

We've still got more than a month until we see Winterfell again in Game of Thrones season 3, but one industrious fan just couldn't wait that long.