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Jan 26, 2015

Here's an eye-popping array of iconic space vehicles crafted from paper!

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Of all the many amazing things about sci-fi, one of our favorites is that it sometimes comes true. Fictional tech, concepts which once represented the extreme limits of the imaginations of our greatest sci fi writers, can become real—but often the reality puts the dream to shame.

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Dec 14, 2012

There are tons of iconic images in sci-fi movies and TV that give us chills, and one of them is that close-up of a space helmet with a reflection playing across the face of it. You know the moment we mean. And if ONE can give us goosebumps, just imagine what 35 will do!

The unexpected origins of 12 classic sci-fi movies
Dec 14, 2012

What made Avatar—the biggest movie of all time—so damn popular? Sure, the amazing visuals and innovative 3D created a one-of-a-kind experience, but it seems likely that the storyline captured audiences' imaginations as well. Now, we're not about to say that Avatar's plot is original—in fact, far from it.