Hot & Best: Joss, Nathan, George, Ridley ... they're all here!
Blastr Staff

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments brings out some of our favorite people, such as Nathan Fillion, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, Joss Whedon, Christopher Eccleston, Cybermen, Thor, Weeping Angels, Oz, Arrow, and the Huntress. And, oh yeah: Check out the really cute Bantha-doggy!

Hottest & Best & Beautiful: Thor, WW, Who, Cap & more!
Blastr Staff

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments brings you all things beautiful. Click through for pics of Thor and his new costume, a Western-clad Doctor Who, sexy Vampire Diaries cast, a kick-ass Legend of Zelda room, Avengers #1 art, a failed Wonder Woman ... and Chris Evans' razor-sharp nipples. Also [REDACTED] dies! He's murdered by [REDACTED]!

13 awesome sci-fi weather control devices that made a difference
Trent Moore

If we could just control the weather, we could probably do a lot of good—stopping everything from global warming to devastating earthquakes. But, judging by the sci-fi track record, mastering weather control technology doesn't usually end well.

32 awesomely horrific album covers to rock your Halloween world
Matthew Jackson

There's room for a little horror fun everywhere, even in our music, and often the easiest place to find it is the album cover. It's most prominent in the metal genre—where bands like Cannibal Corpse have been churning out brutal album art for decades—but if you keep looking, you also find creepy covers in the most unlikely places.

TV THIS WEEK: Felicia Day gets Eurekified, True Blood and more!
Kathie Huddleston

Doesn't it seem like a full roster of summer cable TV in any given week is more fun than any given week of network TV? Felicia Day geeks out to join the cast of Eureka, Bill goes up against the witches in True Blood and Scott battles his inner wolf as his second full moon approaches on Teen Wolf.

Iron Man 2 cast reveals behind-the-scenes secrets!

[We first posted this report on April 27 and are re-posting it now in case you missed it] In anticipation of Iron Man...

The zombie king has a new movie, and more where that came from

George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead opens this month and he's got ideas for two more.

Joss Whedon and Stan Lee making a Comic-Con documentary

Joss Whedon, Stan Lee, Harry Knowles and Morgan Spurlock are making a Comic-Con documentary.

What's next for Megan Fox? Transformers star reveals dream role

Megan Fox has burned her Transformers bridges, so there's little chance of her returning as Mikaela Banes. And considering how Jonah Hex tanked...

We ALL have our sci-fi TV blind spots—what's YOURS?

We're all geeks here, so we can be honest: We've all got the show that we know we should watch, but don't. The hole in our otherwise-impenetrable nerd repertoire. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Harry Potter star cast as latest Captain America bad guy

Superheroes aren't the only ones with sidekicks, and now the Red Skull has found his (sort of) for the upcoming Captain America: The...

Lost ends soon: About that top-secret final 10 minutes ...

We talked with two of the stars of ABC's sci-fi series about that big finish ...

Lost's Hurley says farewell to the island

Jorge Garcia, who plays the loveable chicken-eating Hurley, says goodbye in a heartfelt essay.

Bloody new Predators trailer has us itching to hunt aliens

20th Century Fox has released a new international trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Predators, and all we can say is we're glad we ate...

18 brilliant retro sci-fi movie posters

The mad geniuses at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse theater commission new posters of both classic genre TV shows and movies as well as new releases. And the sparkly awesome they get back from noted graphic designers is too good not to share.