The Smithsonian finally moves the Enterprise out of the basement and into the gallery

The Smithsonian has had a screen-used model of the Star Trek Enterprise for more than 40 years, and now the famed museum is pulling it out of the basement and putting it out on full display. With a few upgrades, of course.

Westworld's Nolan on turning the original film 'inside out' with the new HBO series

It’s gone through its fair share of delays, but HBO’s Westworld is over the hump and set to debut this fall — and it sounds like it’ll be one heck of a trip into the dark places between AI and humanity.

Will Smith on why you can't get away with making bad movies anymore, how viewers changed the system

It doesn’t seem like it's been that long, but Will Smith has been cranking out blockbusters (and would-be blockbusters) for two decades. So, how has the system changed since flicks like Independence Day blew up the box office?

China launches new rocket, crew capsule on the way to 2022 space station

The United States isn’t the only government trying to conquer the stars, and the Chinese government is gearing up to launch its own space station within the next six years. The first step? A new rocket and crew capsule.

New findings show ancient Mars was even more Earth-like than we believed

Scientists already knew ancient Mars used to look a fair bit like Earth, but now it turns out the Red Planet might’ve looked a whole lot more like our planet than we thought.

WGN prepping Roadside Picnic series based on classic sci-fi novel

The network hasn’t exactly found an original ratings hit as of yet, but WGN America is quickly becoming a home for excellent shows — and now they’re prepping a fascinating new sci-fi project.

Watch a terrifying new trailer for sci-fi horror flick Morgan, directed by Ridley Scott’s son

The first trailer did a good job of setting a creepy tone, but our latest look at Morgan sets the stakes for what looks to be one of the freakiest sci-fi horror flicks of the year.

Kirk gives his last report as captain of the Enterprise in new Star Trek: Beyond trailer

The latest trailer for Star Trek: Beyond has arrived, and finds Kirk abandoning ship after a brutal attack on the Enterprise.

NASA wants to use the Curiosity rover to sample the water on Mars

After figuring out those strange stains on the slopes of Mars might actually be remnants of water, NASA is retasking the Curiosity rover to check them out and gather some samples. The perks of already having some tech on the Red Planet, right?

Jon Bernthal on spinning off The Punisher: 'His superpower is his humanity'

After giving us one of the best live-action incarnations of Frank Castle to date in Daredevil, Jon Bernthal promises we’ve barely scratched the surface of Marvel’s Punisher.