Watch a terrifying new trailer for sci-fi horror flick Morgan, directed by Ridley Scott’s son

The first trailer did a good job of setting a creepy tone, but our latest look at Morgan sets the stakes for what looks to be one of the freakiest sci-fi horror flicks of the year.

Kirk gives his last report as captain of the Enterprise in new Star Trek: Beyond trailer

The latest trailer for Star Trek: Beyond has arrived, and finds Kirk abandoning ship after a brutal attack on the Enterprise.

NASA wants to use the Curiosity rover to sample the water on Mars

After figuring out those strange stains on the slopes of Mars might actually be remnants of water, NASA is retasking the Curiosity rover to check them out and gather some samples. The perks of already having some tech on the Red Planet, right?

Jon Bernthal on spinning off The Punisher: 'His superpower is his humanity'

After giving us one of the best live-action incarnations of Frank Castle to date in Daredevil, Jon Bernthal promises we’ve barely scratched the surface of Marvel’s Punisher. 

Roland Emmerich reveals his 'intergalactic' plans for Independence Day 3

The reviews have not been terribly kind to the alien-fighting sequel 20 years in the making, but if we ever do get an Independence Day 3, director Roland Emmerich already has a plan in place.

Justice League costume designer on what to expect from The Flash's big screen redesign

Between decades of comic lore and the hit CW series, fans are already somewhat familiar with the look of The Flash. But he’ll be getting a bit of a high-tech redesign in the upcoming Justice League flick — and here’s how it’s coming together.

Former NASA engineer builds the world's largest NERF gun, and it is glorious

Battling it out with NERF guns is a rite of passage for most kids, but one former NASA engineer decided to take things to the next level. Then keep going a few more levels beyond that.

These are the 5 key problems Google is looking to solve with artificial intelligence

Google has its fingers in just about everything these days, and the tech giant is making a hard push into artificial intelligence. So, what do the brains working on AI view as the biggest problems moving forward?