NASA tried, and failed, to inflate a cutting-edge new habitat on the ISS today

NASA generated a lot of buzz recently, revolving around plans to install an inflatable module on the International Space Station (ISS). Well, the project actually got underway today — and things did not go as planned.

Did you catch this huge, blink and you'll miss it Easter egg in the Flash finale?

It happened so quickly, and at such a critical moment, that you may not have spotted some major foreshadowing in The Flash’s recent season finale.

A lot of those Earth-like planets out their could actually be too hot to support life

Astronomers and scientists have spent years working to chronicle the various Earth-like planets drifting around the cosmos, but a new study indicates those worlds could be too hot to actually sustain life. 

This augmented reality tech could help fire fighters navigate smoky, flaming buildings

Technology could be on the verge of solving one of the toughest problems for the brave men and women who go rushing into burning buildings, as opposed to rushing out.

First trailer for Morgan, the new sci-fi horror film from Ridley Scott's son

Ridley Scott’s son Luke is following along in the family business of sci-fi horror, and now we have the first peek at his ambitious feature debut: Morgan.

Huge Marvel Comics twist changes Captain America forever, and you might not like it

Sure, Sam Wilson might still have the shield, but the “real” Captain America is officially back in action today with the launch of Marvel Comics’ Captain America: Steve Rogers. But this is not the flag-waving adventure you might have expected.

Fan film uses drone footage to stage an epic Star Wars dogfight

What do you get when you combine the new Star Wars drones, action figures, GoPro-style cameras and some capable effects work? A weird, white-knuckle dogfight unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Chris Pine on honoring the Star Trek legacy, and telling a fresh story with Beyond

With the Star Trek franchise celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Star Trek: Beyond is set to bring a brand-new adventure and capitalize on the buzz. So, what should we be expecting from the latest adventure?