The Vampire Chronicles in development as TV series at Paramount

Plans for a Vampire Chronicles TV series have been brewing for a while, and now the project has finally landed a studio.

Kevin Feige finally explains the in-story reason Stan Lee pops up in every Marvel movie

As expected, comic legend Stan Lee pops up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for his umpteenth cameo in a Marvel movie. But is there something more cosmic afoot?

Hook reimagined as a Peter Pan horror movie actually works really well

Steven Spielberg’s Hook is a modern classic, casting Robin Williams as an adult Peter Pan who has to reconnect with his inner child and return to Neverland when his children are kidnapped. But, what if they turned the focus back on Dustin Hoffman's Captain Hook?

Vin Diesel claims James Gunn wants a Rocket and Groot spinoff, and we hope he's not lying

There’s no denying Guardians of the Galaxy is the breakout success of the MCU. With the second film poised to make a boatload of money in the US. next weekend (and already piling up stacks internationally), star Vin Diesel claims there could be the germ of a spinoff brewing.

NASA might run out of space suits before we can get to Mars

With all the focus on developing everything from the space ships to the rockets that will eventually get us to Mars, it seems another piece of the puzzle has fallen by the wayside.

The rover in Alien: Covenant is real, and was actually designed to go to space

The exploratory rover used by the crew in Alien: Covenant looks like it’d be more than capable of taking a cruise around an alien planet. Turns out, there’s a good reason.

The Last Jedi's Rian Johnson is not involved with Episode IX

Back when Rian Johnson landed the gig to direct Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there were initial reports he would also be contributing to the script for Star Wars: Episode IX. But that’s apparently not the case.

Rumor of the day: Robert Zemeckis being courted to direct big screen Flash

Warner Bros. has run into more than a few roadblocks getting The Flash to the big screen, but a new rumor indicates the studio might be eyeing a film legend to get the project back on track.

When a neural network comes up with movie titles, you get Cannibal Spy II and Star Wars: The Santa Contract

A professor at Georgia Tech decided to source all the movie, book, TV and video game titles and summaries on Wikipedia to power a neural network. Then, he asked it to name the next blockbuster movie or hit TV show. The results were … a bit mixed.

Cars 3 creative director has a hilariously horrifying theory for why there are no humans

We’re still geeking out over the new trailer for Cars 3, but have you ever wondered why there aren’t any humans wandering around this world? Well, the creative director behind the franchise has — and his answer is horrifying.

Guardians of the Galaxy star reveals she wasn't supposed to survive for Vol. 2

Pretty much everyone has died and come back at least once in the MCU, but one Guardians of the Galaxy star reveals she almost didn’t make it through for the sequel.