Cult 1980s hit Danger Mouse returns in first trailer for Netflix’s run of the animated reboot

Along with cranking out a ton of original fare, Netflix is also digging up all the things you love and bringing them back to life. Up next for a revival? The beloved 1980s animated superhero series Danger Mouse.

So this is what happened to Japan's black hole satellite that mysteriously disappeared

Japan’s space agency launched a satellite aimed to study black holes back in February, then abruptly lost contact with the craft in March. Now we finally know what caused the mysterious disappearance.

Flash producer promises Man in the Iron Mask reveal will 'blow your mind'

Amid all the insanity of fighting Zoom and zipping around Earth-2 this season, The Flash has also been quietly setting up a head-scratching mystery — and producer Andrew Kreisberg promises the big reveal will be worth the wait.

Jamie Foxx in talks to star in Henson's dark puppet noir Happytime Murders

After almost a decade in development, The Jim Henson Co.’s puppet noir Happytime Murders might’ve finally found its star.

SpaceX wants to send a Dragon spacecraft to Mars as early as 2018

With NASA still figuring out its plans for a Mars mission in the 2030s, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has announced plans to kickstart that schedule by more than a decade.

Chris Hemsworth steals the show in hilarious new Ghostbusters footage

Though most of the spotlight has understandably been on the funny ladies who make up the new Ghostbusters team in Paul Feig’s reboot, there’s a part-time Avenger who apparently also steals the show.