Scientists working on real-life 'hibernation' tech to send future colonists to Mars

It’s been a staple of science fiction for decades, and now scientists are looking into the viability of real-life stasis technology that could be the missing link to exploring our solar system.

Scientists have found a galaxy comprised almost entirely of dark matter

We might be making strides in mapping out or little corner of the Milky Way, but the universe still has more than a few mysteries left to keep us guessing. Case in point: a galaxy made up almost entirely of dark matter.

Rumor of the Day: Studio wants Daniel Radcliffe back for new Harry Potter sequel

Take it with a heaping grain of salt, but a new report claims Warner Bros. wants to turn Harry Potter and the Cursed Child into a feature film — with Daniel Radcliffe reprising his iconic role as the boy man wizard.

SETI investigating mysterious, extraterrestrial signal from deep space star system

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program has spent decades scanning the heavens looking for potentially alien signals — and it sounds they just picked one up.

Ben Affleck reveals first look at Deathstroke, (presumably) from his solo Batman movie

Work is well underway on Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and now Ben Affleck has dropped a fascinating bit of footage that reveals that a major DC baddie will be coming to the big screen. We’re just not sure if it's from Justice League or his solo Batman movie.

Back to the Future almost had a very different title, and here's the memo to prove it

The first Back to the Future film is one of the greatest in modern cinema history — but would it have still been a cultural icon if it were called Space Man From Pluto?

Image of the Day: A NASA probe just flew closer to Jupiter than any time in history

It’s taken a little over five years, but NASA’s Juno space probe has finally reached Jupiter — and here’s the closest pic humanity has ever taken of the gorgeous planet.

This crowdfunded documentary aims to chronicle a year in a simulated Mars mission

Six faux astronauts have spent the past year living in a dome on a remote volcano in Hawaii, simulating the closest thing possible to actually spending a year camped out on Mars. 

This full-size, 3D printed Stargate replica took 1,000 hours to build

It’s amazing how far consumer-level 3D printing technology has come over the past few years, and while it might eventually help astronauts reach Mars and make the world a better place — it can also be used to build Stargates. Like, full-on, life-size Stargates.

Van Helsing cast and crew on what to expect from Syfy's new vamp series

Syfy is getting into the vampire business this fall, and now we have a fresh look at the network’s new spin on Van Helsing.