SpaceX unveils spaceship that will take us to Mars, and the plan to get us there

Elon Musk has unveiled his full-scale plan to put humans on Mars — and as expected — it’s ambitious.

Everybody loves Superman in new trailer for Supergirl's CW debut

It’ll be an interesting transition to watch CBS’s Supergirl ease into its new home on The CW, and a new trailer shows they’ll basically be distracting us with something shiny and new as part of the series relaunch. Lucky for them, it kinda works.

John Carpenter creates a terrifying utopia in new music video from Lost Themes II

Not content to be one of the greatest horror directors who ever lived, John Carpenter has embraced a new career in music — and the latest video for his new tune is vintage Carpenter.

New CW sizzle reel shows off Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends

The CW has essentially become the de facto DC network this fall, and they’re not shy about the distinction.

Scientists say potential life on Titan could be completely different than anything we know

Scientists obviously have a basic understanding of what it takes for life to exist (we have quite a bit of it to study here on Earth), but they’re starting to realize the playbook won’t work when you’re dealing with a place like Titan.

Check out Syfy's 31 Days of Halloween line-up, led by new horror anthology Channel Zero

It’s become a staple of Syfy’s October line-up, but this year’s 31 Days of Halloween will (hopefully) be a little extra freaky.

Why genius Stephen Hawking is still scared of humans making alien contact

Stephen Hawking is a pretty smart guy, so when he starts musing about humanity’s place in the universe, it’s a pretty good idea to listen. Turns out, he worries humanity might be woefully unprepared when our future alien overlords arrive.


After 5 years of construction, China’s giant telescope has started its search for alien life

When it comes to space telescopes, bigger is typically better — and China just debuted one of the best.

DARPA developing new computer code that is effectively hack-proof

As the world becomes more and more dependent on technology, it also becomes imminently more hackable. That’s where DARPA’s latest breakthrough comes in.