Image of the day: New heroes join the team in poster for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the return of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, and the network has dropped a new poster showing off some of the new additions to the roster.

Peter Capaldi's Doctor will be showing up in the premiere of new Who spinoff Class

The BBC has been cooking up the new Doctor Who spinoff series Class for a while, and now we know when it will make its debut — and who will be showing up to help get it off the ground.

The Flashpoint universe looks crazy fun in new trailer for The Flason Season 3

The CW’s Flash is gearing up to do its own version of the iconic Flashpoint storyline, and boy does it look like a lot of fun.

Hulu picks up TV adaptation of cult hit comic Postal from Walking Dead producer

The cult hit comic Postal is coming to the small screen, and Hulu has tapped a Walking Dead alum to bring it to life.

Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos wants to colonize the solar system, and has a few tips for NASA

Blue Origin is developing some ambitious tech that could help us explore the solar system in the next few decades, and founder Jeff Bezos has some thoughts on where we’re going next.

Senate approves $19.5 million NASA budget for Mars missions, new space ship development

Presidential elections can often be a scary time (some more than others), but it’s an especially trying time for agencies like NASA. Thankfully, it seems the plan for Mars will keep moving ahead (even if that plan could use a few course corrections along the way).

AMC exec on why The Walking Dead could have the same staying power as Star Trek

Seven years into its TV run and AMC’s The Walking Dead is showing no signs of slowing down. But could it actually survive and remain relevant for another four decades?

Doctor Doom suits up as a hero(?) in first look at Infamous Iron Man

With Tony Stark seemingly hanging up his armor in the wake of Civil War II, it’ll take at least two ironclad heroes to fill the void. Now we have our first look at the more evil option.

NASA wants your ideas for how to survive on Mars, revolutionize space travel

Crowdsourcing works for just about everything else these days, so why not space travel?

New Star Trek comic will pit young Kirk and his crew against the Borg

If you just can’t get enough of the new-look Star Trek franchise, IDW is gearing up for a new run that will take place after the events of Star Trek Beyond. For longtime Trek fans, the enemy should certainly be a familiar one.

Duncan Jones' new 'sci-fi Casablanca' film Mute connects to his indie hit Moon

Though a sequel to Warcraft remains on the bubble, director Duncan Jones is keeping busy with a project a bit closer to his usual wheelhouse: A smaller sci-fi story with an intriguing plot. Oh, and fans of his previous hit Moon should be psyched.