Resident Evil 7 is as creepy as ever in three new gameplay trailers

The next installment in the Resident Evil franchise is heading in a new direction, and now we have some fresh footage from the next zombie outbreak.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack getting a vinyl release

The soundtrack to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is among the most beloved video game scores out there, and now you can relive those N64 memories on glorious, 180-gram vinyl.

Wesley Snipes is writing a supernatural thriller novel called Talon of God

He might not be making any new Blade flicks, but Wesley Snipes hasn’t given up on the supernatural thriller genre. He’s just heading from the screen to the page for his latest project.

Gareth Edwards finally opens up about Rogue One's massive reshoots

It’s no secret Rogue One: A Star Wars Story went back for a fair bit of reshoots before finally barreling toward its release date later this month, and now director Gareth Edwards has finally opened up about how it all went down.

An artificial intelligence wrote a Christmas song. It did not go well.

The holiday season is here, and most folks are catching up on Christmas movie favorites and jamming classic tunes about Santa Claus and holy nights. Well, what if a robot wants to get in on the Christmas spirit?

Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen share a kiss in first look at next Spider-Man

We had an inkling that a love connection between Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen could be brewing, and now we have a first look at this universe-spanning kiss.

Marvel Comics' new Cable series will send the X-Man on a time-traveling adventure

Marvel is giving its entire X-Men comics line a refresh, and one of the most intriguing solo books is a new series based on Cable. Now, we finally know what the studio is cooking up.

Zack Snyder made his own Star Wars/DC mash-up trailer, and here it is

He might be helming DC’s superhero universe, but Zack Snyder is one heck of a big Star Wars fan. So he decided to combine the two into … something?

Tomb Raider reboot lands one heck of a good actor to play the villain

The franchise has already been enjoying a renaissance on the video game front, and now Tomb Raider is coming back to the big screen — and there will be one heck of a good actor menacing the new version of Lara Croft.