FX picks up X-Men TV show Legion to series and releases a first official image

Here's our first look at Dan Stevens in the role of Professor X's son in FX and Marvel's new comic book TV series.

Michelle Gomez confirms she'll be back for Season 10 of Doctor Who

The last time we saw Missy on Doctor Who was in the Season 9 episode “The Witch’s Familiar.” But the character is all set to return for the upcoming 10th season.

Game of Thrones producers on the return of that long-missing character

Season 6 of HBO's Game of Thrones is firing on all cylinders, with Sunday’s episode finally revealing the fate of a beloved character not seen since the early days of Season 1.

The Flash's Carlos Valdes hints at Flashpoint storyline for Season 3

With the Season 2 finale of The Flash ending in a shocking twist bound to have major repercussions for the show, fans believe the third season will kick off with a certain pivotal comic book storyline.

Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg explain the new X-Men movies' timeline

X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer and producer Simon Kinberg opened up on the new timeline created by the events of Days of Future Past.

Stan Lee chimes in on that shocking Captain America twist

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee shared his thoughts on the controversial twist that has Steve Rogers being a Hydra double agent.

X-Men TV spinoff will take viewers inside Legion's mind

Exchanging black comedy for superhero comics, Fargo creator Noah Hawley has just directed and executive produced the pilot for 20th Century Fox and Marvel’s upcoming X-Men spinoff series, Legion.

Sequel to sci-fi cult classic The Man From Earth in the works

Released back in 2007, the cult hit became an acclaimed cult sci-fi movie thanks in part to the Internet and peer-to-peer networks.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson confirmed to star as Doc Savage

The Fast and Furious actor has confirmed he would be playing the Man of Bronze in director Shane Black's upcoming movie.

Maze Runner actress cast as the lead in Alita: Battle Angel

Looks like James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez have finally found their female lead for Alita: Battle Angel.