Mirror's Edge video game to be adapted as a TV series

EA’s action-adventure video game Mirror’s Edge is about to become a female-centered action TV series.

Listen to the spooky audio recordings that inspired The Conjuring 2

Warner Bros. has released a new video featurette that features actual recordings from the Enfield casefiles of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Showrunners give a 'heartfelt apology' for Sunday's shocking episode of Game of Thrones

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are have taken the "extraordinary step for the first time ever" to apologize to Game of Thrones fans.

Watch the first trailer for Asa Butterfield's sci-fi movie The Space Between Us

The first trailer for director Peter Chelsom’s sci-fi movie The Space Between Us has just landed, boasting quite an intriguing concept. 

Have a look at some amazing Alien storyboards drawn by Ridley Scott

Some newly surfaced storyboards for legendary director Ridley Scott’s Alien -- drawn by Scott himself -- have burst their way online, showcasing his seminal vision for the movie.

Rumor of the Day: Here's who Old Man Logan will be battling in Wolverine 3

Wolverine 3 may have just added a new group of cybernetic supervillains to the comic book movie.

Wesley Snipes wants to reprise his role as Blade for Marvel

Wesley Snipes, who portrayed the Daywalker in a trilogy of films starting with Blade in 1998, still wants to put on that leather duster.

Franka Potente joins Syfy's Dark Matter for Season 2

Syfy's space opera series Dark Matter has tapped Franka Potente in a recurring capacity.

Here's who Batman will interact with in Suicide Squad, and it's not who you think

As Batman's lifelong enemy, The Joker would be the likely villain we'll get to see clash with the Caped Crusader in David Ayer's Suicide Squad.

Rumor of the Day: Casting call for Black Panther reveals key new Marvel characters

A recent casting call sheet has emerged for director Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, possibly giving us our first tantalizing details about the upcoming Marvel movie.