Warcraft's Duncan Jones thinks Green Lantern is dumb and here's how he would fix him

Moon and Warcraft director Duncan Jones isn't a fan of DC Comics' Green Lantern and took to Twitter to offer some ideas on how to make him better.

Gotham exec reveals Harley Quinn may show up earlier than expected

There have been rumblings that a young version of Harley Quinn would pop up on Fox's Gotham at some point. Now it looks like we'll get to see the beloved DC character earlier than we thought!

It's Spider-Man star Tom Holland vs. Squirrel Girl (sorta) in hilarious video

Spider-Man star Tom Holland recently got swarmed by squirrels. Could Marvel's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl be responsible for the hilarity that ensued?

Kevin Smith teases new alien species for Supergirl's midseason premiere

Supergirl is set to return from its winter hiatus with an episode directed by none other than über comic book fan Kevin Smith. He took to Instagram to tease the arrival of some mean-looking new aliens.

Nick Frost knows kung fu in first Season 2 trailer for AMC's Into the Badlands

AMC has unleashed the first action-packed trailer for the upcoming second season of Into the Badlands.

Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb says 'we didn't cancel' Agent Carter

Marvel head of TV Jeph Loeb has opened up about Agent Carter's cancellation.

Krysten Ritter teases Daredevil and Jessica Jones' relationship in The Defenders

Marvel’s The Defenders is set to assemble Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist for the first time ever later this year, and one of the most interesting elements of the Marvel superhero series will be the dynamic between some of the characters.

Patton Oswalt returns to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to reveal a Koenig family secret

The Koenig brothers are returning to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Comedian Patton Oswalt will reprise the dual roles of identical brothers Sam and Billy Koenig in an upcoming episode of the Marvel series.

The future depends on each of us in explosive new Season 2 trailer for The Expanse

Earth? Mars? The Belt? The Expanse is coming back with a second season, and to whet our appetite for the show's highly anticipated return, Syfy has unleashed a new trailer urging us to pick a side.