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Matthew Jackson


Matthew Jackson is a blogger, critic, fiction author and Batman enthusiast from Rosebud, Texas who's been a regular contributor to Blastr since September, 2011. In addition to his work at Blastr, his film criticism appears weekly in The Huntsville Item, a Houston area newspaper, and his book reviews appear monthly in BookPage magazine. His fiction has appeared in Weird Tales magazine, and elsewhere on the web his nonfiction has appeared at Strange Horizons, and Follow him on Twitter at @awalrusdarkly.

When we last looked in on the lengthy legal battle Warner Bros. and DC Comics are waging against the heirs of Superman co-creator's Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, we found the Siegel heirs vowing to fight on, no matter what. The Shuster heirs were fighting on too, but a major new ruling in the case may have just ended their battle.
Since its publication 75 years ago, The Hobbit has sold roughly 100 million copies (a number that's likely to shoot even higher with a movie on the way). Its author, J. R. R. Tolkien, is now a revered and legendary figure in the world of fantasy literature. But back when the novel was new, Tolkien wasn't very confident about its future, and wasn't afraid to share his concern with fellow authors.
Add up all the characters, places, objects and alien races invented across the Star Wars universe in films, books, comics, video games and toy lines, and you end up with hundreds or even thousands of names. But while some, like Han Solo, are instantly recognizable and iconic, others are a bit more obscure, so obscure that you might confuse them with, say, Italian food.